Mizkif completes 10-hour wall-staring Twitch stream for charity

mizkif stream screenshot headerYouTube: Mizkif

Popular Twitch streamer and content creator Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo completed a 10-hour charity live stream where he simply stared at a wall.

Twitch streamer Mizkif has had an interesting return to streaming following his official return to OTK after the company’s sexual assault cover-up investigation concluded at the end of 2022.

Since then, Mizkif has returned to regular streaming through reaction content, Super Mario 64 speedruns, and even IRL gym sessions—which nearly ended in disaster.

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Now, the streamer has completed another interesting Twitch stream, to say the least, where he stared at a wall for 10 hours in front of thousands of viewers to help raise money for charity.

Mizkif stares at a wall for 10 hours on stream

Mizkif completed the stream on January 27, 2023, when he went live on Twitch and turned his back to the streaming set-up to face the wall with a countdown timer ticking away for 10 hours, all to raise money for the charity RAD at YouAreRad.org.

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Rise Above The Disorder, or RAD, is a non-profit covering the cost of mental health care for people all over the world. Originally founded as a World of Warcraft guild, the non-profit has become an avenue to provide mental health care to individuals, focusing on those in the gaming space.

While setting up his stream, the content creator prefaced the goal of the stream by saying, “It’s a very mentally destructive stream. It’s very hard. The reason why I like to do this stream is because it tests my mental…”

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Of course, the Mizkif did acknowledge how ridiculous the concept was and noted, “…This is going to be ridiculous, I am telling you, you do not want to be here unless you are an absolute moron. Which I would probably preface almost every stream I’m in. It’s really dumb.”

Thus, the Twitch streamer set out on his journey to complete his arduous task while raising money for a good cause. To do so, Mizkif kept media share constantly running during the entire stream, where viewers could donate money to play text-to-speech messages or videos to entertain or make the ordeal that much worse.

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Additionally, Mizkif periodically had company from fellow streamers like Esfand, Emiru, and others to help wile away the hours. Eventually, the streamer raised over $11,000 for RAD over the course of the stream, much to his viewer’s delight.