Mizkif bursts out laughing as ExtraEmily tries to deceive Twitch viewers ahead of OTK signing

Mizkif reacting to ExtraEmily on TwitchTwitch: Extraemily / Mizkif

Twitch stars Mizkif and Esfand both burst out laughing watching ExtraEmily trying to trick her viewers ahead of her OTK signing.

When Twitch streamer ExtraEmily was being signed on to OTK as their newest content creator, she had to take Sunday and Monday off from streaming to in order to record content for the org.

This meant having to give an excuse to her loyal viewers as to why she would be absent from her regular schedule. In the process, it hilariously exposed her as a terrible liar. 

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When her chat asked her why she would be away over those days, she listed multiple reasons, while very obviously reading off a list and delivering in a very stilted voice. From having to register her car on Sunday, to opening a P.O. Box on Monday, her made-up excuses varied greatly. She even added that she was “also sick” at the last minute, piling onto the deception.

And right as she finished listing off those things, she reiterated that she was indeed “busy” and she even “needed to clean her room.”

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Mizkif and Esfand were linked to the clip by the day after her OTK announcement, and they couldn’t hold it together while watching ExtraEmily attempt to lie to her chat. Upon watching the clip they immediately noticed a problem. 

The DMV, where you need to register your car at, is not open on Sundays. Her chat also pointed it out too. 

As she kept piling on the excuses, Mizkif and Esfand just kept questioning how someone could be this bad at lying. 

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Miskifs jokingly said, “bro, you did not just list five excuses just to take off for two days.”

ExtraEmily’s chat was so obviously not sold by her lying that a viewer wrote, “congrats on OTK”, as rumors around that time circulated she was joining the org. It turns out, she was their newest member after all.