Anderson Silva wants to have kickboxing fight with Jake Paul after boxing match

Anderson Silva wants kickboxing match with Jake PaulYouTube: FULL SEND PODCAST, Jake Paul

MMA legend Anderson Silva has hinted at a possible rematch with Jake Paul once their boxing exhibition is over — but this time, he’d opt for a different fighting style.

YouTube star Jake Paul is slated to face off against UFC star Anderson Silva in an exhibition match this October.

This marks the second time a Paul brother has faced off with a combat sports GOAT, with big bro Logan having boxed against Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

Silva has transitioned to the boxing ring from the world of mixed martial arts to great success, and his upcoming fight with Jake Paul marks another massive point of interest for fans.

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Anderson Silva teases kickboxing fight against Jake Paul after boxing match

‘The Spider’ sat down with YouTube group ‘The Nelk Boys’ on an episode of their Full Send Podcast to discuss his fighting career and his future bout with Jake when the influencers started joking that Silva should throw out an elbow or a kick if he starts to flounder against the influencer.

That’s when Silva tossed out the potential for a second fight with Jake — but this time, they’d be kickboxing.

“I go talk to Jake and say, Let’s go do one more fight, but exhibition. Kickboxing,” Silva said. “You kick me, I can kick you. But I promise I won’t kick you hard.”

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“When the fight’s finished, I’ll say, ‘Jake, let’s go do another fight in kickboxing. Let’s go do one more.”

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The possibility of a kickboxing match between these two stars isn’t unfounded; in fact, Jake Paul revealed that he has an MMA event coming up in the near future, and apparently, so does Logan.

In a recent episode of his ‘BS’ podcast, ‘The Problem Child’ revealed that he’s working with a “big organization right now on a whole thing in MMA that also has to do with me fighting, and we’re gonna have an announcement soon.”

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Logan Paul also shared footage of himself training for MMA, where he called out mixed martial artists as he practiced a front step kick.

For now, UFC fighters are theorizing that Jake could make his MMA debut against Dillon Danis; but it’s safe to say that fans would love to see him take on The Spider in a kickboxing match, as well.