Meowri wins Amouranth’s inaugural Streamer Royale on Twitch

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Amouranth’s Streamer Royale tournament is done and dusted, and Twitch streamer Meowri reigned supreme after persevering in a brutal day filled with all kinds of different challenges.

Amouranth was once the queen of the hot tub meta. Now she’s onto bigger and better things, like being the lead producer of the ‘Streamer Royale’ event — a contest with some of the biggest names on the platform.

It pitted streamers against each other in a variety of challenges. Some of the most exciting ones included kneeboarding, gladiator battles, diving into foam pits to look for flags, and more. It was a blast from start to finish.

The event wrapped up today, and it was won by none other than Meowri, who proved she was the most fearless competitor on the list.

Meowri competed against the following competitors throughout a series of challenges spanning five hours:

  • Aiden
  • Alinity
  • Alluxx
  • CodeMiko
  • Erobb
  • Jack Manifold
  • KittyPlays
  • Minx
  • MoistCr1TiKaL
  • Myth
  • Nihachu
  • PaymoneyWubby
  • PeachJars
  • PointCrow
  • Sliker

After some twists and turns, the final round came down to a showdown between her and four others. They had to run across an inflatable obstacle course to collect hidden flags, and physical contact was permitted.

Her willpower was put to the test, but in the end, she came out on top.

However, Meowri wasn’t the only winner. Amouranth averaged more than 25,000 concurrent viewers while streaming the event. It was a massive hit among fans, and as a result, she’s considering doing more things like it.

Amouranth has dealt with lots of hatred and vitriol throughout the years. However, she claims it’s fuelled her success thus far, and now that she’s branching out into different endeavors, the world is truly her oyster.

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