Amouranth explains how “haters” have fueled her Twitch success

Amouranth claps back at hatersTwitter: WildKait

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa explained how “haters” have fueled her success on Twitch and her businesses. 

Over the last few years, Amouranth soared to the top of Twitch — becoming one of the most-watched female streamers.

However, her success doesn’t end there as she’s also a budding business owner, having purchased several gas stations and even a plastic ball company.

The creator has dealt with her fair share of haters in the process. Now, she has explained in a series of tweets that her haters have done nothing but fuel her success.

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Amouranth has started selling $1k fart jars and her real hairAmouranth
Alongside her gas stations and plastic ball company, Amouranth has also started selling her own Fart Jars called ‘Cutie Pa Toot ies”

Amouranth explains how her haters motivate her

On May 26, Siragusa explained how haters actually end up helping her in a thread on her alternate Twitter account. She began by mentioning how they have driven her to work harder than she ever could imagine.

“A huge part of my success is literally the haters telling me it’s all gonna come crashing down soon when I get older. It’s driven me to work harder than I could have previously mustered, leading to the hiring of staff who essentially help keep me pushing/maintaining my forward trajectory,” Amouranth explained.

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“People underestimate how much teammates help alleviate burnout. Plus I have salaries to pay and mouths to feed – you don’t disappear for months because people are literally relying on you to pay their bills. They are amazing.”

She then revealed that the “trolls” telling her that she would be broke one day has led to her saving money and putting it into investments.

Kaitlyn added: “All the trolls telling me I’d be broke one day lead to me saving pretty much everything I make and pouring it into investments or reinvesting into content/ my biz. I’m not even a dividend investor but currently, my stock portfolio yields $409,000 in dividends annually after tax.”

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And when it comes to her investments, Amouranth isn’t playing around. She made an investment into the S&P 500 worth over $300k on May 6, just weeks before dropping over a million dollars into Amazon.

The only question left is what she’s going to do with her earnings after she retires from Onlyfans.

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