Amouranth shares her ultimate career goals and they’re incredibly wholesome

Amouranth posing for photoIG: Amouranth

Twitch giant Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed where she ultimately wants her streaming career to lead, telling xQc she intends to focus on animal welfare and protection. 

Amouranth’s career continues to go from strength to strength. After freeing herself from an abusive relationship, she has adjusted her content based on what she wants to do. 

We’ve seen her delve into hilarious smash or pass streams, which in turn raised the ire of AuronPlay. More recently, she hosted an epic birthday live stream, welcoming xQc, CodeMiko and other top tier creators into her abode. 

While chatting with the former in a subsequent livestream, she unveiled her ultimate career goals based on the wealth she’s accumulated from Twitch and similar ventures.

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Amouranth reveals ultimate career goals to xQc 

xQc began by asking what her success is geared towards. “It’s all going somewhere right?” he asked, “Like towards something. Is there not a vision for the whole thing?” 

Responding, Amouranth revealed she’s eager to use her stream for education, specifically on animal welfare and sanctuary. 

“Yeah I have a vision,” she said. “I want to take my stream and use that to educate people for animals. And I wanna like rescue dogs and horses. I wanna have my own sanctuary or work at an existing [one], or I want to be able to work at an existing sanctuary and support it with huge donations. Fund it and help save more animals.” 

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She continued: “Then I also wanna have my own separate empire, like hundreds of acres hopefully, and have my own dude ranch where people can go stay to experience ranch lifestyle. Just like hang out with animals. Use that property also to help save and rescue horses.” 

It’s an incredibly wholesome goal and, given the jaw-dropping figures Amouranth has revealed she makes, it does seem attainable in the near future.