Amouranth responds to Auronplay criticism over “disgusting” ‘Smash or Pass’ Twitch streams

Amouranth next to AuronPlayAmouranth / AuronPlay

Twitch giant Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has responded to criticism from Spanish streamer Auronplay, who hit out at her content, including recent ‘Smash or Pass’ streams. 

In the backdrop of her split from her abusive ex-husband, Amouranth’s content has changed considerably. 

While still maintaining some of her prior endeavors – her lucrative Only Fans, for example – she has pledged to adjust her content as she chooses. She has also hit out at those saying she has been dishonest over changing her content. 

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Recent Twitch streams have seen Siragusa delve into some ‘Smash or Pass’ games, much to the delight of one streamer who was hit with a ‘Smash’ verdict

However, they’ve raised the ire of some, like content giant Auronplay. 

Auronplay hits out at Amouranth Twitch content 

As highlighted in an article from AS, the Spaniard took issue with Amouranth’s content. He described El Rubius’ decision to invite her to his Minecraft series ‘Squid Craft Games 2’ as something that “disgusts” him. 

He continued: “[Someone] who opens a stream and begins to comment on which streamer would be [smashed] or not seems ugly to me. I’m really sorry. I find it ugly, in bad taste, unpleasant, and this disgusts me a lot.” 

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Now, Amouranth has responded, accusing Auron of ‘gatekeeping’.

Tweeting from her personal account ‘wildkait’, she said: “You can gatekeep all you want… One day we’ll all look back at this and weep. For there will be no more gates to crash.” 

Auronplay has not responded to Amouranth’s criticism as of the publication of this article. 

Fans on social media were split by the comments, with some arguing that the breadth and variety of those featured in Squid Craft Games 2 are what make it so watchable. Others echoed Auron though, criticizing aspects of Amouranth’s content. 

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Regardless, the Squid Craft Games Twitter account has hinted there will be more English-language creators joining Amouranth and xQc.