Amouranth blasts OnlyFans critics amid indefinite streaming break


Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has responded to critics of her OnlyFans after revealing she was stuck in a toxic and abusive relationship.

During an October 15 broadcast, Amouranth shocked the world by sharing details about her abusive marriage. The Twitch star accused her husband of controlling her finances, forcing her to stream, and threatening to kill her dogs.

After going silent for two days, leaving fans concerned for her well-being, she returned to Twitch on October 17 to assure her community that she was safe and “free”.

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The 28-year-old also revealed she regained access to all her accounts and finances, adding that she has cut ties with her husband and will be seeking legal and emotional counsel.

After taking an indefinite break from streaming, the Twitch star has now hit out at those criticizing her OnlyFans work.

Amouranth slams OnlyFans critics

In a tweet on October 22, the popular streamer explained that she’d always be filming other content during her previous breaks from streaming. However, this time she’s fully committed to taking some for some much-needed rest.

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“Previously if I took a break from streaming (or was not online) I was filming other content – this time I’m not doing anything productive,” she wrote on Twitter, before turning her attention to her OnlyFans.

She continued: “That means I’m not doing a photoshoot, & haven’t shot since I’ve been free. So I don’t have new photos to share. Also, I don’t think some of you understand that one can be forced to do something for a prolonged period, but in other instances want to do it of their own volition.”

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For now, it’s unknown when we’ll see Amouranth return from her break.

If you’re suffering from domestic abuse, contact information for help is below:

  • US: 1-800-799-7233
  • CA: 1-866-863-0511
  • UK: 0808 2000 247