Amouranth actually releases adult toy after Ludwig’s genius idea

Shay Robson
Amouranth sat on steps

Streamer and OnlyFans star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has released her own adult toy after Ludwig’s genius suggestion almost two years ago.

From hot tub streams to ASMR to selling fart jars, It’s more than fair to say that Amouranth has had some major success over the past few years — making an absolute fortune through Twitch and adult content via OnlyFans.

Earning herself between “$10,000-$15,000” for simply just sleeping on stream, the 29-year-old has made millions upon millions each month — which she’s used to heavily invest in her future. The business-savvy streamer has made some massive purchases — venturing into buying companies, gas stations, and stocks.

Now, the OnlyFans star has even released her own adult toy — a genius idea that was first proposed by Ludwig years ago.

Amouranth releases men’s adult toy after Ludwig’s idea

During an episode of Ludwig’s ‘The Yard’ podcast in November 2021, the YouTube streamer suggested the next big idea for Amouranth.

Noting how other streamers had previously sold adult toys on Twitch, Ludwig proposed that Amouranth makes her own adult toy for men — in line with her OnlyFans content.

The Yard group even went as far as to give her ideas as to how she could market the product with a “How It’s Made” style video. And while Amouranth was on board with the idea at the time, she was a bit reluctant to sell the product through Twitch. “I would sell it, but not on Twitch,” she said.

However, now close to two years later, the OF model finally released the toy named ‘Amouranth’s Assistant’ on July 6 — which is molded from her own genitalia.

It’s unclear if Ludwig had any involvement in the creation of the toy. Regardless, it was a genius idea for Amouranth to take on board, with there being no doubt that some of her thirsty fans will buy it.

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