Amouranth reveals crazy money she made from sleep streams on Twitch

Calum Patterson
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Amouranth, one of Twitch’s biggest stars, has been at the forefront of numerous streaming ‘metas’, from hot tubs to ASMR to selling fart jars. But perhaps her most lucrative streams, considering how little effort they require, were sleep streams.

As the name implies, sleep streams are just that: streaming yourself as you sleep through the night, as viewers watch on, and often attempt to troll the streamer. Although in Amouranth’s case, she admits it was likely more voyeuristic.

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For male streamers, sleep streams, she explained, can be lucrative because viewers will donate in an attempt to wake them up, either through the alerts or by using media share to play loud music or videos.

This makes it a very literal way to make money in your sleep, and many streamers have used the technique, but none more successfully than Amouranth.

Amouranth reveals how much she earned from sleep streams

Speaking on ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’ podcast, Amouranth explained various money-making ventures she had tried over the years, from her streams, OnlyFans, and business investments.

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But the technique that most impressed the podcast hosts was her sleep streams, something they had never heard of.

After explaining how it worked, host Graham Stephan asked how much Amouranth would make from these sleep streams on average.

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“If you count just on Twitch, probably like a couple thousand dollars,” Amouranth said, “but, if you count the conversions, potentially, to OnlyFans, while I’m sleeping, then maybe like $10,000-$15,000.”

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Taken aback by these figures, the hosts then asked why Amouranth doesn’t stream herself sleeping every night, but she explained scheduling issues can make this difficult.

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Amouranth’s sleep streams also gained mainstream attention in 2022, when even Howard Stern was perplexed by their popularity.

Amouranth also discussed what would have been her boxing debut on the podcast, but unfortunately, she has had to pull out.

The streamer revealed she has late-stage ovarian failure, and was warned against taking part in any “high-impact physical activities.”

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