Tsukumo Sana is graduating from Hololive a year after her debut

Andrew Amos
Tsukumo Sana Hololive VTuber

Hololive Council member Tsukumo Sana is graduating on July 31, just a year shy of her debut. The Speaker of Space announced the news in a tearful stream, stating she wants to give it her all in her final weeks with the agency.

Just ahead of Council’s one-year anniversary following their August 2021 debut, the first member from the quintet is graduating: Tsukumo Sana.

The VTuber broke the news to fans in an impromptu July 11 stream, with her graduation date set for July 31.

“I wanted to be the first person to break this to you,” she opened up her announcement stream with. “I will be graduating from Hololive at the end of this month.

“Thank you for all the support you’ve given me through my time here. Even though it was cut short I was very grateful for it. I’m sorry to put you through this guys, but Sanallite strong!”

Sana is opening up her schedule to try and jam in as many streams as she can between now and July 31. This includes a “collab cram” with the rest of her Hololive Council members as well as the wider VTuber community.

She is also keeping up with the rest of her activities, including attending the Sydney Manga and Anime Show (SMASH) on July 16 and 17.

Sana did not dive into the reasons behind her dismissal. However she has been open about issues outside of streaming previously, including a back injury that prevented her from even being at her computer.

“The reason being given out publicly is quite vague,” she admitted. “That’s all I can say about the situation. It was very difficult, and I really tried.”

“I love the Sanallite community, I love my friends in Hololive. I don’t regret anything. That kind of support kept me going even though I thought my time would be very limited here. I still wanted to make a place where we could have a lot of fun together.

“The reality is if that’s all I needed it would have been nice. I can’t really say that I’m satisfied with everything. It’s a sad event for me too.”

The graduation news comes out of the blue for all Hololive fans. Sana’s graduation is the agency’s first in 2022 ⁠— outside of Uruha Rushia’s termination in February.

“We had discussed several times with Tsukumo Sana regarding the direction of her activities,” Cover Corp said in an official statement, “however as time went on, it became difficult for her to continue her VTuber activities.

“After much deliberation between both parties, with the deepest regrets, we have decided to honor her request for graduation.”

Sana will continue streaming until July 31, while channel membership will be available until October 31. Her YouTube channel, which boasts 340,000 subscribers, will remain active past her graduation.

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