Hololive EN open first auditions since August 2021

Kurt Perry
all ten hololive En talents posing behind logo in trailer for gen 3 auditions.

Hololive EN has opened its first auditions for its next wave of Vtubers for the first time since Council debuted in August 2021.

Throughout its history, Hololive has become well known for debuting a lot of Vtubers. Across all of its branches including Holostars, parent company Cover currently employs 79 unique talents.

The gap between each new generation varies but it typically takes anywhere from a few months to around a year in each branch.

However, Hololive EN hasn’t debuted any new talents since Council in August 2021, but that dry streak looks to be ending soon.

Hololive English auditions are open

As announced on its official Twitter, Hololive EN has opened auditions up for its third generation of Vtuber talents.

The announcement Tweet reads: “Hololive English is holding auditions for Virtual content creators! We are looking forward to seeing our future talents!”

Attached is an application form that provides more details including the benefits Hololive provides, the kinds of activities expected of its talents, and the general requirements.

Those considering applying will have to meet these requirements to be considered. These prerequisites include being at least 18, being fluent in English, and not being locked into an existing contract with another agency.

Once applications are closed, Hololive will then move on to the screening process. Those that pass screening will be offered interviews over video calls, and finally, a select few will be given the green light.

The auditions page does not specify how many talents will be selected for this upcoming generation. However, both Hololive EN Myth and Council debuted with five new talents so somewhere around that mark is expected.

Although this is the English branch’s first generation in almost two years, Hololive has expanded elsewhere. The Japan branch saw Gen 6 debut in November 2021, Holo ID Gen 3 followed in March 2022, and twelve Holostar Vtubers across both EN and JP have appeared since.