Alinity speechless after Rich Campbell’s response to emotional childhood story

. 9 months ago
Alinity shocked by rich campbell

Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon was left stunned and speechless after Rich Campbell had an incredibly awkward response to her extremely emotional childhood story.

Alinity’s past in Colombia has come up on a few occasions, such as when she explained to Mizkif how her mom tricked her into eating her pet chicken, but the scary stories don’t stop there.

During an October 13 stream with Rich Campbell and Emiru, the former wanted the fellow streamers to share some real ghost stories in an effort to get to know them better.

While no one actually had ghost stories to share, Alinity wanted to discuss her past in Colombia and a scary situation that really happened to her.

Alinity shares emotional childhood story

Rich Campbell laughs at Alinity
Things got awkward with Rich and Alinity.

“I lived in the hills in Colombia and we lived really close to a military base,” Mogollon began. “And the guerilla would come and fight…”

Her choice of words caught Emiru off-guard, however, who interrupted to ask if it was a wild gorilla, not understanding what Alinity meant.

“Like a paramilitary group,” Alinity clarified, prompting both to acknowledge their silly mistake. “So, whenever there was gunfire going on, we had to wake up in the middle of the night and turn the lights on so they wouldn’t shoot in our direction.”

Despite Alinity’s story sounding downright horrifying, Campbell couldn’t keep it together and began laughing uncontrollably, probably still imagining an actual gorilla.

“I’m sorry!” he exclaimed, still chuckling. Meanwhile, Alinity and Emiru just sat there awkwardly in silence.

Even after Emiru patted Alinity on the back for sharing her story, Rich kept on laughing, eventually even wanting to leave the room to get away from the group.

Finally, after the laughter died down, Campbell asked Alinity if she was mad at him, prompting her to just shake her head in silence.

The awkward silence continued for what felt like an eternity before the two decided to just high-five.

On the bright side, Alinity already finished her story before Campbell broke into hysterics, but it still made for one of the most ridiculously awkward streamer moments we’ve seen in a while.

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