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Alinity shares pet chicken story and its ending is just the worst

Published: 1/Sep/2020 0:12

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon shared an incredibly disturbing story about a pet chicken she had growing up while on a podcast with fellow streamer ‘Mizkif.’

Alinity, who grew up in Columbia before moving to Canada, revealed how she has had traumatic experiences with pets as a child. In addition to her dog killing her bunny, she spoke openly about a pet chicken she had as a youngster, and how her parents treated it.

Alinity explained that she had gone to summer camp, where staff took her to a chicken farm.

According to Mogollon, the kids were given chickens, but her parents were against the idea. Not one to be deterred, she ended up bringing the animal home with her.

“He was super cute and he was little,” Alinity reminisced. Eventually, however, the streamer’s parents claimed the chicken left and “found a family” – something the eight-year-old Mogollon believed.

However, when she was fourteen-years-old, the streamer questioned her parents.

“I was doing my autobiography for school, and I asked my mom, ‘What happened to [the chicken], you know?’” she continued. “’Where did he go?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, we cooked him. And you ate him.’”

At this moment in the broadcast, Mizkif’s face turned into an absolutely astonishing look of bewilderment at the reveal – one that we can certainly relate to.

The story’s insane conclusion had both streamers speechless for a few moments as chat went crazy, spamming “Wtf.”

While Alinity understood that her parents didn’t want the chicken, the whole thing upset her greatly.

Twitch streamer Alinity eats watermelon
Alinity revealed her parents fed her the pet chicken.

“Eating it themselves is horrible,” she said. “Feeding it to me? That’s just f***ing evil!”

During the podcast, Alinity also touched on the infamous cat-throwing controversy and insisted that if it were up to her, she would have been banned from Twitch for it.

It seems like while Alinity loves her pets, she’s had issues with them dating back to her time as a child – but even the cat tossing stuff pales in comparison to having your parents feed you your pet chicken.


Body painter slams TikTok for taking down Halloween video

Published: 31/Oct/2020 12:23

by Connor Bennett


Popular body painter Intraventus has hit out at TikTok after they removed a number of her recent videos, including ones centered on Among Us and Catwoman. 

Body painting has long been a hot topic on the internet, with many platforms having vague rules about it, even though viewers will sit and watch the impressive transformations for hours on end.

One of the most popular body painters around is Intraventus. She streams her paintings on Twitch, amassing thousands of viewers each time she takes on a new project, though, she has plenty of issues with being banned and having content struck down

While she hasn’t had a problem with Twitch for a while, she is now having trouble posting videos on TikTok, and the streamer has hit out at the social media platform over the constant removal of her posts. 

Intraventus, Instagram

The body painter flagged an issue on October 28 as her Catwoman TikTok was taken down minutes after posting. “Also wasn’t reinstated when appealed. This needs to stop,” she said, attaching the original post for anyone who missed it. 

She followed that up and noted that she had another problem on October 30 as her impressive Among Us Halloween-themed body painting video was also deleted by TikTok. 

“Well what do you know? This was taken down, too. @tiktok_us What the actual fuq,” the body painter tweeted, re-posting the video of her Among Us Halloween-themed look. 

One response suggested that, because Intraventus had used a gun in her Among Us video, TikTok had flagged it for removal on that basis.

However, the body painter noted that she and plenty of other TikTok users have held up or shown a gun in their videos, but they have been allowed to stay online instead of being deleted. 

Similarly to Twitch, which has also had issues surrounding body painting content, TikTok doesn’t exactly give detailed reasoning for a ban or suspension, and usually just says that content is in violation of community guidelines. 

There’s no telling if they’ll change and clarify reasons a bit more in the future, or if they’ll leave creators somewhat in the dark. Though, Intraventus would like to see something change.