Dr Disrespect roasted by fans after accidental Mario cosplay

dr disrespect marioDr Disrespect YouTube / Nintendo

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect is no stranger to dressing up as it’s part of his character, but a simple color swap accidentally transformed the two-time into Mario and fans roasted him for it.

During an October 13 YouTube stream, Doc showed up wearing a white shirt instead of a black one underneath his vest in a move that shocked fans.

While there was still no mistaking the two-time for anyone else, one fan’s remark had the streamer Googling instead of playing Warzone.

“Hey, Fire Mario, you look like Dr Disrespect,” the fan said in a $4.99 donation.

Dr Disrespect pulls off Fire Mario cosplay without knowing

Fire Mario is probably the second most iconic Mario look aside from his standard appearance with the red cap and blue overalls. The look is so popular, however, that it’s even an alternate costume for Mario in Super Smash Bros.

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With the white on instead of black, it’s easy to see why some would compare Doc, especially with a similar mustache to boot. As such, memes comparing Doc to Nintendo’s mascot and the memes just kept rolling in.

“Fire Mario?” Doc questioned. “I don’t know if I like your tone, but I’m going to look him up.”

After pulling up a picture of Mario, the two-time sat back, looked at his own costume and back at the screen before muttering “son of a b*tch” under his breath.

Leave it to Dr Disrespect to somehow pull off a Mario cosplay by complete accident. Now if only he would go and get a red hat to really complete the ensemble.

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