Alinity announces sudden streaming hiatus amid sickness

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Twitch star Alinity is taking a break from streaming just a few days after announcing she felt unwell, joining other high-profile personalities such as Pokimane and JackSepticEye who’ve taken brief hiatuses in 2020 for different health reasons.

Unlike her fellow industry figures, Alinity has been giving a few signs that an impending break from her streaming career was in the cards.

The online star has been “pretty sick” lately, notifying her supporters through a couple of posts before ultimately announcing that she was stepping away from the streaming setup for the time being.

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“Hello friends, I need to take a break from streaming and social media. I will see you all when I get back,” she said on Christmas Eve, a few days after posting on Instagram that she wasn’t sure when her next Twitch show would be.

Her streams in December have been slowing down as a result. Normally, Alinity is live for around eight hours. But in the days leading up to her break, it’s been well below that mark, barely punching above two hours on her December 19 stream, according to Twitch Tracker.

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The next day she announced that she was going to prioritize her health. “I am pretty sick. Not fun stuff. I will be around less for a little while. Streams will be short and sporadic, gotta look after my health.”

Just like Jack and Poki, the Columbian streamer is going to step back for a bit to regain her health before going live once again.

All things considered, Alinity’s channel growth in the hectic year has actually been fairly steady. The longtime broadcaster has been maintaining healthy metrics adding around 305,000 followers in 2020 to her community of over 1.3 million fans.

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Those aren’t bad numbers for a streamer who’s in her seventh year of going live on Twitch. Through all of the muck and controversies Alinity found herself in, she’s remained a steady force on the platform for thousands of viewers per stream.

Now those viewers will patiently wait as Alinity gets herself back to full speed before making her comeback on Twitch going into 2021.

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