JackSepticEye explains why he’s taking a break from YouTube

Virginia Glaze
Jacksepticeye in a YouTube video

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]Irish YouTube star Seán ‘JackSepticEye’ McLoughlin wields a massive online presence, boasting over 24 million followers due to his humorous content and regular daily uploads — but this predictable schedule is taking a sharp turn for the near future.

While fans have become accustomed to expecting new videos every day from the popular YouTuber, McLoughlin has announced that he will be temporarily stepping back from this hectic agenda for the next month.

In a video uploaded on July 1, simply titled, “2020,” McLoughlin explained that recent world events have led to an unprecedented amount of mental stress for him, which has also affected his passion for making videos.

JackSepticEye models Cloak merch.
JackSepticEye is more than a YouTuber – he’s also involved in a number of other projects, such as he and fellow YouTuber Markiplier’s ‘Cloak’ clothing brand.

“My brain is just kind of exhausted from uploading all the time,” he explained, “and seeing all the stuff that’s going on and interacting with the internet the way I have been. So, I just need to step back from it a little.”

While making sure to state that initiatives like Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement are “incredibly important,” he explained that he hasn’t “been able to catch his breath” amid all the goings on, and had lost his drive for producing daily videos.

“The more I’ve kind of been thinking about things, the more I’ve realized that me uploading daily content right now is something that I just don’t have a passion for,” he continued. “I don’t want to upload daily content just for the sake of uploading daily content.”

JackSepticEye Top O' the Morning Coffee
Rather than creating daily YouTube videos, JackSepticEye explained that he’s turning his focus to other projects, such as his newly-launched coffee brand.

Although McLoughlin has taken breaks in the past for similar reasons, the YouTuber announced that he would be taking his longest hiatus thus far for an entire month, assuring fans that he would make his return in August.

“That’s all it is,” he added. “There’s no secret reason. I just don’t want to make YouTube videos right now. It’s not something that I’m incredibly passionate about right now in this moment of my life.”

Instead, McLoughlin claimed he will focus on other aspects of his career, such as his newly-launched coffee company and creative writing projects in the interim.

Thus far, fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of his decision to step back from YouTube as one of the platform’s biggest personalities takes an unprecedented lapse from his usual workload.

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