Kai Cenat puts Adin Ross on blast for ‘capping’ about $40M Kick offer

kai cenat looking into the camera talking to chatTwitch: Kai Cenat

Twitch star Kai Cenat has put Adin Ross on blast after he claimed that Kai & IShowSpeed were offered $40M each to stream on Kick.

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed have been at the top of their game recently, becoming the top streamers on Twitch and YouTube respectively.

They signed a deal with Rumble for their own show on May 15, 2023, and just a few hours later Adin Ross claimed they were offered $40M to stream on Kick exclusively.

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According to Kai Cenat, however, Adin’s claims aren’t correct and he did not turn down a $40M offer to stream exclusively on Kick.

Kai Cenat puts Adin Ross on blast for ‘capping’

During his stream on May 15, Kai called out Adin for his claims that Kick offered him money.

“I did not turn [it] down. That’s not an actual leak. That’s not. That’s cap, on my soul. On my soul that is cap,” he said. “What is he doing? Why is he doing that?”

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He went on to share his thoughts about Adin talking about the alleged offer in the first place.

“Here’s the only thing I don’t like. Even if that was an offer, why even talk about it? I’ll call him off-stream. That’s weird bro,” Kai added.

The Twitch star didn’t make it clear whether or not he plans on moving away from the purple app, so a move to Kick could still be in the works for Kai.

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We’ll have to wait to see what happens, and we’ll be sure to update you when or if Kai or Speed announces a new exclusive contract with another streaming platform.

In the meantime, check out Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed’s new show collaboration.

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