Kai Cenat trolls Adin Ross for April Fools: “Guess who’s coming to Kick?”

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Kai Cenat phoned up Adin Ross on April Fools to trick him into thinking that he was leaving Twitch to join Kick, the alternative streaming platform backed by Ross and Trainwreck.

There were a lot of April Fool’s pranks flying around yesterday, but Kai Cenat’s one might have just taken the top spot, as he left Adin in a very confused conversation.

Kai gave Adin a call on his personal number over the phone, before exclaiming: “Guess who’s coming to Kick?!”

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Adin, who sounded excited at the prospect of one of Twitch’s biggest streamers coming to the competitor platform, asked if he’d signed a contract yet.

“Wait, have you signed a deal already? Did you get in early?”

Kai Cenat then quickly changed the subject, and asked Adin if he was streaming.

Who is joining Kick?

One of the reasons this joke worked so well is because Kick is at the center of a massive hype campaign at the moment. It’s announced deals being signed with several big names, including GMHikaru, the biggest chess streamer on Twitch.

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Kick is styling itself as a direct competitor to Twitch, boasting a 95-5 donation split, beating out Twitch’s 50-50.

The biggest names on Kick include Trainwreck, one of the earliest backers of the platform, Adin Ross, who joined after being banned from Twitch, and Destiny, a veteran political streamer who recently signed a deal with them.

Trainwreck and Adin have teased that massive new signings are on the way for the platform, although one of these may have been an April Fool’s joke.

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Kick has also shown that it’s got big money behind it by making big sponsor moves, replacing Stake as the car sponsor for the Alfa Romeo F1 team.

For more updates on Kick signing new names, check out our coverage here.

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