Kai Cenat teases Kick with his stream title on Twitch

Theo Burman

Top Twitch streamer Kai Cenat joked around with Kick on one of his streams by adding green, the platform’s signature color, to the title.

There’s been speculation about Kai Cenat potentially making the jump to Kick for a while now. His relationship with Adin Ross, one of Kick’s biggest cheerleaders, has often led to the two discussing the move, and when Kai was temporarily banned from Twitch last month, the rival platform started looking a lot better.

Kai hasn’t confirmed or denied any plans to make a move, and recently dared Twitch to ban him again. However, it looks like he’s having fun with the speculation because he leaned into it during one of his streams.

Kai Cenat trolls Kick by adding green to his Twitch stream title

Kai began the stream by hinting at a potential announcement, saying: “I know that y’all see that green in my title, right?”

He then let the suspense build for several seconds, before breaking the tension by shouting: “That green is for f*cking Minecraft!”

Kick saw the funny side of the situation, with the site’s official Twitter account posting the clip with the caption: “Don’t do this to me @KaiCenat”.

Kick has frequently tried to get on Kai Cenat’s good side, as securing one of Twitch’s biggest talents would be a massive victory for the platform trying to compete in the same space. They’ve sent Kai custom shoes that were better than Twitch’s, and they went out to bat for him on Twitter after Kai was banned from Twitch.

However, no one can say if Kai will make the jump yet. Twitch remains a titan in the streaming industry, and it would be risky for someone as established as him to switch to a less secure alternative.

For more news and updates on Kai Cenat’s potential move to Kick, check out his conversation with Adin Ross over what the transition might look like.

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