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Adin Ross mod banned on Twitch after allegedly harassing QTCinderella

Published: 7/Jun/2021 6:11 Updated: 7/Jun/2021 6:42

by Brad Norton


One of Adin Ross’ Twitch moderators has been banned from the streaming platform after allegedly hurling abuse at QTCinderella amidst an ongoing internet feud.

One of the hottest social media feuds of 2021 still appears to be raging on. Adin Ross has quickly become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, in large part due to his beef with the likes of Ludwig and Sodapoppin.

Ludwig’s partner and fellow internet personality QTCinderella were forced into the drama on June 5, which rages on despite FaZe Banks stepping in to keep things civil. QTCinderella especially has been caught in the crossfire; most recently, Adin Ross fans successfully disabled her Instagram account via “mass reporting.”


Now, one of Adin Ross’ Twitch moderators, a fan by the name of ‘OGRoyce,’ has been banned from the platform for repeatedly targeting the Twitch streamer.

“She fat as HELL,” the moderator spammed in chat for thousands of viewers to see in the latest Ross broadcast. This comment allegedly targeted QTCinderella.

It didn’t take long for the partnered Twitch account to be banned in light of the harassment: hours after their messages, OGRoyce was hit with their first suspension. There’s currently no telling how long it may stand.

Ross is also yet to comment on one of his mods being banned. Once the suspension is up, OGRoyce could be back to moderating one of the bigger streams on Twitch, or Ross could revoke his privileges; that choice falls entirely on the one who started the internet feud in the first place.


Neither QTCinderella nor Ludwig have addressed the incident either.

OGRoyce comments in Adin Ross stream

With OGRoyce making his Twitter account private after the ban, it could be the end of this internet feud for now. We’ll just have to wait and see if any further comments surface once he’s back on Twitch.

In the meantime, Ludwig already got revenge on one pesky Adin Ross fan. Perhaps we’ll see history repeat itself if he decides to go after OGRoyce next.