Adin Ross reveals he takes big cut of certain Kick streamer’s revenue

Josh Taylor
Adin Ross KickAdin Ross / Kick

Kick streamer Adin Ross announced to his viewers that he earns 20% of revenue from streamers on the platform, but it is only select names.

Both Adin Ross and Kick have continued to cause a stir in the streaming community over the last few weeks.

The platform faced backlash from many creators after Ice Poseidon tried to broadcast a female escort. They soon responded and promised they were going to change their guidelines, which left many still not convinced.

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Adin Ross has created drama of his own as well, where he faked a Kim Jong Un interview and broke the record for the highest viewership figures on the streaming service. He also responded to the Ice Poseidon controversy, where he hit back at streamers who threatened to leave the platform.

Now, during a stream, he claimed that he earns 20% of all Kick streamers’ revenue, before correcting himself to explain further.

Adin Ross says he “legally” gets 20% of earnings from Kick streamers

Ross spoke to his fans while live after some in his chat commented: “N3on owns you.” He promptyl responded and opened up about him earning money from certain streamers on Kick.

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“Legally, I have 20% of N3on. So, I own him! But, you know, it feels good. I actually didn’t tell you guys this, I have legally 20% of every single streamer on this platform,” Adin Ross claimed.

Despite him claiming to earn 20% from all streamers on the platform, he quickly took the statement back and further explained the situation.

“Well, not every single streamer, but all my boys, 20%. Cheesur was the first one to sign the contract,” He explained, as his viewers continued to slam him in the chat and called him “L friend.”

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“Hey, I don’t care! All right? Listen, bro. It’s not even some L man s**t. A lot of rappers own a lot of rappers,” Ross replied.

“I’ve got to put my boy in a good position. We’ve got to help him out. We’ve got to make sure he’s good. Now, look at him! I swung him on the swing set and N3on’s now f**king carrying this platform,” He later said.

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N3on has also caught some backlash after he was accused of being “made sure to spread” Breckie Hill’s leaked shower video.

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