Breckie Hill stunned as N3on reveals he “made sure to spread” her leaked shower video

Alice Sjöberg
Breckie Hill on N3on stream

Kick streamer and YouTuber N3on revealed in a conversation with Breckie Hill that he’d seen her leaked shower video and that he’d even “made sure to spread it.”

Kick streamer and YouTuber N3on has been a topic of conversation a lot recently. From threatening to quit the internet after being robbed to asking Charlie D’Amelio if she’s single in front of her boyfriend Landon Barker, you never know what you’ll get from one of his streams.

On September 23, N3on was streaming from a party in LA when a surprise guest made an appearance. TikTok star Breckie Hill appeared to say hi, and N3on wasted no time as he made sure to ask her about her leaked shower video and nudes, which she has been trying to get taken down since March.

Breckie was taken by surprise when he changed the subject and got even more shocked when he said he’d “made sure to spread” the video as much as he could.

N3on reveals he “made sure to spread” Breckie’s leaked shower video

After having talked about Breckie’s current relationship with her boyfriend, N3on decided to change the conversation.

“I saw your leaks,” N3on told Breckie.

“Why are you bringing that up?” Breckie asked with a slight hint of shock in her tone.

“I mean, I just speak my mind, you know? I like what I saw,” N3on replied.

Still slightly shocked by the new conversation topic, Breckie asked where he’d found them and what he’d seen.

“I’m in all the Reddits and Discords, so I saw it there,” N3on revealed.

“Oh, so you’re in my Reddit and my Discord?” Breckie asked.

“I’m in your Reddit, Discord, Twitch communities – I’ve seen it everywhere,” N3on said.

“I mean, I’m trying to get them taken down, but…” Breckie started before N3on said: “Yeah, no I made sure to spread it everywhere.”

“Thank you so much,” Breckie replied sarcastically.

N3on asks Breckie if she leaked her own nudes

N3on quickly panicked as he asked Breckie how old she was and how old she’d been in the leaked photos.

“Which ones? They’re like hundreds,” Breckie replied.

“You didn’t leak them yourself?” N3on asked.

Breckie replied: “No, people thought that. Why would I leak that myself? My Snapchat got hacked and all my sh*t got leaked, like my number and everything. Why would I leak that myself? Nah I wouldn’t.”

Breckie hill left in tears after being slapped by rachel brockman
Breckie Hill had nudes leaked after her Snapchat got hacked

In August 2023, Breckie appeared on the One Night with Steiny podcast where she opened up about her leaked shower video.

She claimed her ex-boyfriend leaked the video because he was upset that they broke up. Before this, she revealed somebody hacked her Snapchat and put out hundreds of private pictures online.

After realizing her Snapchat had been hacked, Breckie made a TikTok for the hacker where she urged the person to not leak her memories on the app.

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