Kick promises guideline changes amid Ice Poseidon controversy

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A livestream from Ice Poseidon that resulted in the streamer being swatted caused a great deal of backlash from the Kick community and beyond. It has gotten to the point where the platform has promised changes to its community guidelines and the way they’re enforced.

Though Kick has its fair share of popular streamers and has seen huge growth since it was created, the livestreaming platform has also had more than its fair share of controversial livestream moments.

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The restrictions on Kick are a bit looser than those on a competitor like Twitch, allowing for more variety in the content on the platform but also more chaos.

A recent Ice Poseidon stream raised some eyebrows amongst even those who don’t frequent Kick, leading to the platform promising changes to their community guidelines.

Kick promises new guidelines and tighter enforcement

Kick streamers have certainly been in the news recently, but not always for the best reasons. Between Johnny Somali getting arrested in Japan and Adin Ross putting on a fake Kim Jong Un interview, the platform’s creators have a particular penchant for creating controversy.

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Ice Poseidon is one such streamer, and he’s been in the news more than once this year. He was arrested in Thailand over a lap dance but has since been freed and had the charges against him lifted.

However, he’s now been thrust back into the news after a livestream incident involving an escort being paid $500 caused a great deal of discourse on the platform.

According to Ice Poseidon, he wasn’t arrested over the incident like was believed for a time and was instead swatted. Regardless, the concept of livestreaming an escort, whether she was aware of herself being filmed or otherwise, has still sent Kick a lot of heat for allowing that content to be on the platform.

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So, Kick responded.

“There’s incredible untapped potential in what live streaming has to offer. We’re firm believers that the greatest days of live streaming are yet to come. With that said, community & public safety cannot be compromised in the process of making ‘content’.”

Their response continued, “We’re continuously learning where this balance sits and are making changes daily. We appreciate our community for the continuous feedback, both the good & the bad. We’ll keep you updated on upcoming changes to community guidelines and subsequent enforcement measures.”

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The community wasn’t very happy with the response, saying it felt like Kick had said “nothing” about the situation. And, though they’ve promised “upcoming changes”, there aren’t any details as to what those changes will be or when they’ll be coming to the platform.

Additionally, some users have called out Kick’s CEO for being in the chat while it was happening. We’ll keep you updated as to what changes Kick decides to make to their community guidelines.

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