Adin Ross proposes $100 million Kick deal for Sidemen

Shay Robson
Kick star Adin Ross next to a picture of YouTube group Sidemen.

Adin Ross has proposed a $100 million dollar deal to the popular British YouTube group Sidemen with the rising streaming platform Kick.

Since its launch in late 2022, Stake-backed streaming platform Kick has skyrocketed in popularity amongst the streaming community. So far, we’ve seen some of Twitch’s top stars make the jump to the new site, signing mega-money deals with the platform.

Notably, we’ve seen the likes of Adin Ross, who “biggest streaming deal ever” to join Kick after his ban from the Amazon-owned platform, and more recently Twitch’s biggest streamer xQc signed a deal worth $70 million, but came with incentives that could push the total to over $100 million.

With many now eyeing up a contract with the platform, Kick’s ‘poster boy’ Adin Ross has proposed to sign the British YouTube group Sidemen.

Adin Ross wants Kick to sign Sidemen for $100 million

In a recent live stream, Adin claimed he’d offer the Sidemen $100 million for the group to stream on Kick.

“Offered AMP $100 million dollars to come to Kick. They said no,” Adin first joked. “I will offer Sidemen 100 million dollars to come to Kick, take it, or leave it.”

He added: “I didn’t offer AMP no $100 million, I’m capping out of my ass,” before he asked Kick co-owner Eddie, who was watching the stream at the time, if they can offer the YouTube stars the mega-money deal.

While the Sidemen are predominantly YouTubers, several members of the group have done their fair share of live streaming over the past couple of years.

Notably, members such as Miniminter and Zerkaa have consistently streamed in recent times, both amassing millions of followers on Twitch.

However, as many have noted, it’s possible that the group would pass up the deal, with fans believing the YouTubers are worth more than the offer on the table.