Adin Ross offers Eminem $1 million for Kick stream appearance

Shay Robson

Streaming star Adin Ross is willing to pay rapper Eminem $1 million for him to appear on a Kick stream.

Adin Ross has quickly become a household name in the streaming world, becoming the face of Kick since his permanent ban from Amazon-owned platform Twitch.

In his rise to stardom, we’ve seen a ton of high-profile celebs on his broadcast, with the likes of Drake, Floyd Mayweather, and even North Korean leader Kim Jong Un making an appearance — although the President turned out to be a fake.

Now, the Kick star has set his sights on the next A-lister he wants on his broadcast, claiming he’ll pay Grammy-award-winning rapper Eminem to join him for a stream.

Adin Ross wants to pay $1 millon for Kick stream with Eminem

In a recent November 27 live stream, Adin Ross revealed he wants to link up with Eminem for some content.

Reacting to a TikTok of an old video from the rapper, the Kick star claimed he’d pay up to a million dollars for the real Slim Shady himself to join him for a live stream.

“I would pay a million dollars to do an Eminem stream,” he said. “I swear to god.”

The streamer even doubled down, calling for his fans to tell talent manager Paul Rosenberg, the co-founder and former president of Eminem’s Shady Records to get in touch with his manager.

“All on my life I’d pay a million. I swear on god I’d pay a [million] for Em,” said Adin. “Somebody tell Paul Rosenberg to hit my line.”

Only time will tell if we’ll see Slim Shady on a future broadcast with Adin. However, as several celebrities have already made an appearance on his stream, it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question.

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