Addison Rae fans are loving her Remix mag photoshoot: “Fashion icon”

David Purcell
addison rae remix mag

TikTok and movie star Addison Rae has seen an outpouring of love for her latest photoshoot, this time for Remix Magazine.

Addison Rae has cut through the noise surrounding her family’s drama, which saw her mother kiss rapper Yung Gravy at the VMAs, to post a series of classy photographs for her latest photoshoot.

The content creator will be on the front cover of Remix Magazine this September – a quarterly fashion magazine with worldwide distribution. It’s usually filled with fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle trends for readers to follow.

Next month, it will feature an influencer with one of the fastest-growing followings in recent years: Netflix’s She’s All That star, Addison Rae.

Addison Rae Remix magazine photoshoot wows fans

The 21-year-old posted a number of photos from the shoot to both Twitter and Instagram, on August 28.

She was dripping in classy Loius Vuitton clothing and was even sporting Fall 2022 collection jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Dubbed as a “modern icon for a new generation,” Addison will feature on the September cover of the magazine, as it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Aside from the 21,000 likes on Twitter, her social media posts on Instagram have racked up almost three million likes since they were first posted. One of the uploads attracted 1.4 million likes alone.

In the comments, one fan said: “You are my fashion icon!” Another posted: “You’re so pretty!”

A third wrote: “You are the hottest human on earth,” while others requested she released her next album in the near future.

This won’t likely be the last photoshoot the TikToker takes part in this year, and it follows the controversial campaign she did between Adidas x Praying in early August – wearing a bikini that said “Father, son, and the holy spirit” on its design.

To the other point, fans might have to wait for new music but recently a number of Addison Rae’s unreleased works were leaked on SoundCloud.