Ace Family’s Austin McBroom addresses “secret daughter” rumors

Instagram: Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom has hit out at several TikTokers who have accused him of having a secret daughter this past month, saying he “feels sorry” for them for “making up lies”.

The initial allegations about the ACE Family patriarch having a secret baby came when TikTok user Adrianna Vee posted a TikTok on 24 March of herself with large piles of money, with the text on screen saying: “When Catherine [McBroom] pays you to have an abortion after getting pregnant by her husband Austin.”

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Although she claimed to users in a later TikTok that she kept the baby, many fans pointed out that she used the hashtags ‘#itsa #joke’ in the initial video, which has shed doubt on the rumor that her three-year-old, who frequently appears in her TikToks, is indeed fathered by Austin.

However, rumors about the child’s paternity resurfaced once again after TikTok user ‘from760anon’ duetted Vee’s TikTok and said that her baby was “100% Austin McBroom’s child.”

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In now-deleted Tiktoks, the user claims to have worked at the daycare the child attended, and said that as well as being listed as the baby’s father on the paperwork, he also pays for her schooling. She also said in the TikTok that she was required to sign an NDA to keep the paternity of the baby quiet.

In light of this latest TikTok, Austin spoke out on his Instagram stories, saying that people constantly use “his and his family’s name for views and to pay their bills.” He said that he doesn’t often comment on cheating allegations because they are “never true”, but added “people keep giving these attention w*ores what they want and that’s why they continue to make up lies and rumors.”

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“Y’all some real weirdos, what type of person do you have to be to make some sh*t up like this. I feel sorry for your life!” he continued.

This latest drama comes while McBroom’s beef with TikTok star Bryce Hall continues to heat up in anticipation of the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match in June.

In a heated war of words on social media, Austin referred to Bryce as “son” and advised him to stop being a “lil’ boy” and “stirring up drama” instead of training. He also implies that the Sway House star used steroids.

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