xQc lashes out after Kai Cenat accuses him of “skipping” most of Elden Ring’s bosses

Ethan Dean
Kai Cenat and xQc Elden Ring Beef

Deep into his Elden Ring stream, Kai Cenat threw some Shade at xQc for “skipping” the game’s tougher boss fights and xQc hasn’t taken it lying down.

Kai Cenat is over 120 hours and more than 1,200 deaths into a legendary Elden Ring stream that is sure to go down in history. There have been triumphs and tears as the streamer attempts to become Elden Lord.

In one of the most hyped moments of the stream, Cenat won a $100,000 bet against Adin Ross by eliminating a boss in his first encounter with it. Somehow, in the midst of his Elden Ring quest, Cenat has had time to do a little trash-talking.

While exploring the Consecrated Snowfield, Kai Cenat accused fellow streamer xQc of avoiding most of the challenges in Elden Ring. xQc was watching along live and was quick to fire back.

“xQc skipped every f**king boss in Elden Ring bruh,” Cenat said during his stream. He went on to accuse him of skipping a lot of the game’s side content as well.

Clearly incensed, xQc shot back immediately. “He only knows about the bosses because chat told him that,” he responded. “I’m not trying to be aided by chat.”

The streamer also suggested that Cenat’s run was less valid because he took advice on builds from his audience. “Both his weapons and everything he has is because chat told him that.”

Commenters on the clip weren’t swayed by xQc’s opinions however. “Bro started to stutter hard ’cause he was caught,” one user observed. “X is looking for excuses when he has none,” another replied.

At the time of writing, Kai Cenat is doing battle with Elden Ring’s hardest boss Malenia Blade of Miquella with a Rivers of Blood-focused Bleed build. xQc has never fought the boss on stream.

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