EA FC 24 developer explains how Evolutions will impact FUT meta

Nathan Warby
Vinicius Jr in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team brings the new Evolutions feature, allowing fans to use their favorite players for the entire season. The game’s Senior Producer told Dexerto how he thinks Evolutions will affect the Ultimate Team meta going forward.

After months of hype and speculation, EA FC 24 is set to arrive on September 29, bringing a ton of new additions across each of the core modes. Career Mode players will finally be able to hire their own coaches, while Pro Clubs fans can look forward to crossplay support.

The ever-popular Ultimate Team mode is also receiving new features, including the Evolution system. This interesting mechanic lets UT managers grow and develop their favorite players by completing objectives, increasing their stats, boosting their ratings, and even changing their positions.

In an interview with Dexerto, EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Senior Producer, Gareth Reeder, explained how he thinks Evolutions could help the big-name players that don’t always fit the meta become more viable in this year’s game.

He said: “There’s players who people love, favorite players that at different times of the year aren’t in the meta. So I think Evolutions is a really good place for people to think, ‘Hey, this Evolution is going to give these changes to position or attributes or PlayStyles, what player do I have that fits into that?'”

Chiesa in EA Sports FC 24

Reeder went on to say that he hopes that this new feature will allow fans to keep their favorite players in their team throughout the season, even as new promos arrive.

“Ultimate Team starts at launch and goes on a journey through the year in terms of that progression curve,” he explained. “We want to make sure that Evolutions also fits into that so that we can match the balance each season as we go forward.”

Only time will tell how big of an impact the new Evolutions system will have on EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, but there’s no doubt that fans will enjoy the opportunity to carry certain club legends with them across the season without having to sacrifice quality in their squad.

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