EA FC 24 pre-order bonus hints at major Career Mode change for managers

Ryan Lemay
Pep Guardiola in FIFA 23

It’s easy to miss, but the EA Sports FC 24 pre-order bonuses hinted at a huge new feature coming to Career Mode.

Career Mode boasts a passionate fan base, and the game mode saw a few massive changes in FIFA 23. EA finally added authentic managers on the sideline, such as Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. And the devs made the sometimes frustrating transfer process easier with transfer evaluations.

For player Career Mode, traits added more depth to the development process, and playable highlights bridged the gap between playing a game and using the simulation mode. At the EA FC 24 reveal, most attention went to Ultimate Team, but Career Mode indirectly saw a massive news drop.

It’s unclear what the functionality entails, but here is everything we know about hiring managers in EA Sports FC 24.

Manager hire feature revealed in EA FC 24 pre-order bonuses

On July 13, EA FC 24 pre-orders went live. Some of the Ultimate Edition perks include seven days of early access, a Women UCL Hero, 4600 FC Points, a TOTW 1 Pack, two Ambassador loans, and Access to the Nike Campaign.

The Ultimate Edition also awards one Manager Career 5-Star Coach available for hire. Previous FIFA games have given 5-star youth prospects, but this is the first time we have seen the option to hire a manager in Career Mode.

This hints at a possible option to hire a backroom staff.

It remains to be seen what kind of an impact the coaching staff can have, but it’s an exciting new addition nonetheless.

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