EA FC 24 dev explains why there’s no Women’s Career Mode yet

Nathan Warby
Sam Kerr in EA FC 24

Following the announcement that women’s players will arrive in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team for the first time, the devs have explained why a Women’s Career Mode hasn’t been added yet.

EA FC 24 is set to be yet another step forward when it comes to representing women’s football. Two brand-new licensed leagues are set to be added, while women’s players will arrive in Ultimate Team for the very first time, allowing fans to use their favorite stars in the same squad.

However, one area of EA SPORTS FC 24 that women’s football doesn’t feature is Career Mode, where it will still only be possible to play for or manage men’s teams this year’s game.

In an interview with Dexerto, EA FC 24’s Principle Game Designer, Alex Constantinescu, revealed the team is open to the possibility of a Women’s Career Mode, but clarified why this year’s game was too early for them.

“It’s something we’re paying close attention to, we have been ever since we started getting the licensing deals for women’s leagues,” he explained. “But we’ve determined that we need a certain critical mass of players and competitions to make it viable for consideration in Career Mode.”

Leah Williamson in FIFA 23

He went on to say that with the current number of women’s teams in EA FC 24, an “active” transfer market where players are constantly switching clubs wouldn’t be possible.

Although Constantinescu didn’t share exactly how many teams or players would be needed to get Women’s Career Mode off the ground, he hinted that the long-awaited feature may not be too far away and joked that it will require the team to bag more licenses.

He said: “We’re getting quite close, but we’re not at that point yet with FC 24. It’s something that’s looking to come in the near future, [depending] on how much of a good job our licensing teams are able to do in securing those deals.”

So, as women’s football’s presence continues to grow, first in FIFA and now in EA SPORTS FC, it appears that a Women’s Career Mode is only a matter of time. Fans will be hoping that enough deals are signed to bring the feature to EA FC 25.

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