Diablo 4 players killed the Earth’s population 4 times over in the “largest beta ever”

Andrew Highton
lilith in diablo 4 cut scene

The Diablo 4 Open Beta has finished, but the results are in, and Blizzard have put together a fascinating round-up of stats revealing many fun facts, including the total number of Monsters slain.

Aside from the predictable overloading of the Diablo 4 servers, leading to lots of frustrated users, the Diablo 4 beta seemed to pretty much go off without a hitch.

Plenty of hours have been logged ahead of Diablo 4’s full release and there isn’t too much longer to wait now.

To celebrate, Blizzard have released a ton of crazy stats pertaining to the beta, including the total hours logged, player deaths, and the grand total of enemies killed.

Diablo 4 beta was the “largest” in Diablo history

Given that the Open Beta didn’t really last all that long when you think about it, the overall stats are quite surprising – especially when you consider that over 61 million hours were notched up!

We learned that Sorcerer and Necromancer were the two most-played classes and players managed to slay The Butcher over half a million times.

One of the most eye-opening stats has to be the fact that Diablo 4 players managed to rack up nearly 30 billion Monster kills during the course of the Open Beta.

Whether it was skeletons out in the open or tough enemies contained in the game’s dungeons, there were plenty of opportunities for players to slay Monsters, and they did just that.

We also learned that the beta’s world boss – Ashava – was not to be messed with as she was responsible for over 10 million of the 46 million player deaths in total. Her kill-to-death ratio is quite something as she was only felled 100,000 times herself.

This is a small handful of stats from the wider experience, and in the words of the Diablo Twitter page: “This is just the beginning.”

When Diablo 4 does eventually release on June 6, 2023, expect these stats to pale in comparison to the heights these numbers will eventually reach thanks to split-screen and crossplay.

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