Diablo 4 players roast the game for having worse features than Diablo Immortal

Ethan Dean
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Diablo 4 players have been lamenting the game’s lack of content for a while now and comparisons to other titles have dominated the conversation. Now, players are holding it up against Blizzard’s mobile game Diablo Immortal and claiming it’s still falling short.

Diablo 4 had a promising launch that broke records for Blizzard in a year stacked with major releases. However, it hasn’t been able to keep that momentum into the back half of 2023.

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In the months following its release, Diablo 4’s community has been steadily losing morale thanks to poorly received patches and a lack of live-service content. Interest in the game has been steadily dropping with empty servers, shockingly low Twitch viewership, and dedicated content creators abandoning the game.

Now at the game’s lowest point, Diablo 4 players on its Subreddit have begun comparing the title to Diablo Immortal. u/Lothpixel began the conversation by asking the community why the mobile game has more endgame content than a full console release.

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The player specifically mentions Diablo Immortal’s Dungeon Finder, Castle Defence, and Raid content as desirable endgame features. As it stands, Diablo 4’s only real endgame content is its Nightmare Dungeons and the Uber Lilith challenge.

Some users are optimistic that Diablo 4 will improve in time after its rocky foundation is ironed out. “There’s no point in adding a ton of new systems to a game with a weak foundation, but D4 is getting there at a pretty nice pace,” one user explained.

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Others weren’t sold on the idea and criticized Blizzard for releasing the game in a barren state to begin with. “If they were worried about giving us features and an actual endgame they would have implemented it from the start,” another user responded.

One thing many users were able to agree upon was that Diablo 4’s lack of communal play features definitely diminishes the experience. “Diablo 4 should borrow many things from Diablo Immortal, especially the social features,” a user conceded

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While the mob density in Diablo 4’s Nightmare Dungeons has improved, players want different endgame activities.

Diablo 4’s second major content update Season of Blood will release shortly after Season of the Malignant ends on October 17. Players have already said that a major overhaul is needed for Season of Blood or Blizzard risks the death of the game.

Not much is known about Diablo 4’s second season as of yet but Blizzard has said that they’ll need at least four hours to fill players in on the new content. Hopefully, it’s enough to re-engage the fanbase.

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