Diablo 4 most popular class and more revealed in official week one stats

Andrew Highton
all five diablo 4 classes

The first full week of Diablo 4 is in the books. To mark the occasion, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed a big insight into what went down during that week – including what ended up being the most-picked D4 class.

It seems that after years of waiting and wondering, Diablo 4 was worth the wait. The game is already the fastest-selling Blizzard game and has made a jaw-dropping, and apt, $666 million dollars in its first week.

This is also evident by the sheer number of hours that players have put into the game. For fun, the devs have given fans a look at the numbers that have made up Diablo 4’s opening week. From the hours sunk into the game to the number of enemies killed, all major stats are shown off.

The one that will arguably get players talking the most though is which class was most picked.

Diablo 4 most-picked class revealed by Blizzard

It will be no surprise to many to learn that the class selected by Diablo 4 users the most was actually the Sorcerer.

With so many overpowered Sorcerer builds available, players have clearly had fun with flames as well as learning about the power of lightning! Buffs and nerfs by the devs can always change the meta though, so things may change as time goes on.

In addition to the most-played class, we were told that nearly 3 Billion enemies were slain, close to 300 million hours were cumulatively logged, and there have been over 300 million player deaths.

Another fascinating tidbit is the fact that Diablo 4 has already seen 163 Level 100 Hardcore players – at the time of writing of course.

Although, due to server issues, there have been some instances of these hard-earned level 100 characters simply disappearing, or just succumbing to lag and other uncontrollable factors.

One noteworthy example was Shroud himself. The popular streamer had to watch as his Level 100 hardcore character was killed as his game was affected by lag. Given that this is only week one, expect the stats to skyrocket as the weeks and months go on for Diablo 4.

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