Simple Diablo 4 exploit has players skipping new Season 1 battle pass grind

Ethan Dean
diablo 4 tree

Early birds get the worm, or in this case, the bug. Diablo 4 players have found an easy trick that skips hours of work on grinding Favor for the game’s Season 1 battle pass.

An integral part of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant is the Season Journey. Progression through the season’s story is divided into chapters that are completed by finishing a list of challenging objectives.

The rewards for finishing these chapters are powerful in-game items including a suite of new Legendary Aspects for each of the game’s five classes. On top of that, players are rewarded with Favor which helps progress the Season 1 battle pass.

Reddit user Gumby785 has found a helpful exploit that will save early-season players hours of grinding Tree of Whispers tasks. Until Blizzard fixes it that is.

The Season Journey objective players are skirting requires the opening of 10 caches given by the Tree of Whispers in exchange for bounties. The exploit to avoid that is simple: get one cache then drop and pick it back up nine times.

To earn bounties for the Tree, players would need to go to specific areas indicated on Diablo 4’s map and complete certain objectives that reward between one and five bounties. These range from simple things like killing a certain amount of enemies to more time-consuming ones like completing dungeons.

Users in the comments have laid many thanks at the feet of Gumby785 and confirmed the bug is still active at the time of writing. “Nice, tested and worked for me. Thanks bro,” one user said.

The bug is sure to be picked up by Blizzard eventually as users in the comments pointed out. “F**k I must hurry up and do this before it’s patched,” a user exclaimed while others requested Gumby785 delete the post so as not to draw attention.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Death Toll Armor Set
Blizzard Developers can’t stand him, this Barbarian made millions of Favor with one simple trick.

The objective this exploit helps complete is called Grim Reward and is part of the Season Journey’s third chapter. There are no other objectives that require the opening of caches from the Tree of Whispers so it is limited in application.

Season of the Malignant is live now and players can expect to be grinding the Season Journey and battle pass for weeks to come. If you want to know what you’re grinding for, check out our battle pass guide which features all 90 rewards.