Diablo 4 bug creates chaos as it costs players millions of gold

Samantha Giambra
Diablo 4 blessings bug

For those Diablo 4 who have been putting points into the Urn of Bargaining Season Blessings, a newly-exposed bug showcases millions of gold lost.

Diablo 4’s Season Blessings are unlocked by inputting Smoldering Ashes into one of the five different Blessings available in the tab.

The Season Blessings are there to give players a bit of a boost, whether that be to earn extra experience points from killing monsters or getting a bit more money in your pocket when selling goods to the vendors within the game.

Unfortunately, a recently discovered bug shows players that though they might make a bit of extra gold from their vendor sales, it might be at the cost of spending more on Affixes.

Diablo 4 player loses countless gold thanks to Season Blessings bug

This newly exposed bug by Twitter user DatModz shows the player going to reroll an Affix in their amulet at the Occultist vendor initially.

But when they add a point into the Urn of Bargaining and go back to the Occultist, the price has significantly increased to reroll this Affix.

DatModz is left incredulous that the Blessing that is supposed to be generating him gold is actually costing him gold. “You don’t want this. This is a bad Blessing.”

Though Diablo 4 has had its fair share of bugs since release, this one is costing players millions of gold if not caught early on.

The comments on Twitter have been varied, as some don’t believe this is a big deal while others can’t believe they hadn’t noticed this before.

One comment reads “These rerolls and blacksmith jc things already waaaaaaaay too much gold.. way too much..”

Another believes it may be equaling out due to the Blessings initial intention, as they state “Annoying but surely the extra 10% gold from vendor sales make up for it?”

The developers have yet to explain the bug, or whether the increased value from the vendors is meant to offset the decrease in gold spent on rerolling affixes. Until then, players might want to rethink their current Blessings.