Diablo 4 players are flawlessly creating God of War’s Kratos

Andrew Highton
kratos from god of war and lilith from diablo 4

Diablo 4 and God of War have improbably joined forces to bring the Greek God to the game. Using the game’s customization tools, it’s entirely possible to bring the slayer of deities to the dark world of Sanctuary.

In recent times, Kratos, the Greek God of War, has notably traded the scorching shores of Athens for the piercing Nordic cold. His transition recently reared its head once more in God of War Ragnarok, and now he’s back, only this time in Blizzard’s Diablo 4.

Players have many different options when it comes to Diablo 4’s classes, from undead-raising Necromancers to spellbinding Sorcerers. However, players have managed to create their own class it seems – Ghost of Sparta.

God of War’s Kratos marches into Diablo 4

Lox72 is the Reddit user who got the Kratos ball well and truly rolling in Diablo 4. They showed off their scarily accurate depiction of the God of War – and it’s not even his recent makeover, it’s the classic look from earlier games.

There was a time when Kratos didn’t have a beard, only a goatee. During this time period, he was also battling the likes of Zeus and Hades instead of Thor and Odin. This classic look has now been fully immortalized in Diablo 4.

The design has been pulled off using the game’s transmog tools. Everything about the look is practically spot on from Kratos’ white skin, which we know is actually the ashes of his dead wife and child, down to his bald look with the old-school goatee look.

Fans were full of praise for the design. “That’s actually pretty f*cking dope,” exclaimed one user, and another joked: “You single-handedly destroyed the $20 Destiny Kratos skin.”

Another user by the name of tinnkerbull1990 also shared their version of Kratos. The first one is a shirtless version showing more of the warrior’s red markings, and the other one represents the more recent incarnation of Kratos.

byu/Lox72 from discussion

This may just be the start of some weird and wonderful Diablo 4 creations that we could see in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, if you’re not seeking a Diablo 4 eulogy from Megan Fox of all people, you could also go about building yourself a giant army of NPCs on horses.

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