Diablo 4 player finds bizarre NPC bug that allows them to amass horse army

Andrew Highton
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A Diablo 4 NPC glitch has sparked comparisons to The Lord of the Rings fellowship as one player managed to assemble their own personal army to follow them around in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 has been an unbelievable success for Blizzard Entertainment. It’s already the fastest-selling game the company has ever produced. Not only that, but the company has also brought in Megan Fox for a truly unique promotion.

Outside of its commercial and critical victories though, one Diablo 4 player encountered a truly eye-catching NPC glitch that made for a spectacular visual. There can’t be too many times in history that The Lord of the Rings and Diablo will have been directly compared – but that’s exactly the case right here.

Diablo 4 NPC glitch sparks comparisons to The Lord of the Rings

True, a Diablo 4 Necromancer user can raise up a small army of the undead to carry out their evil bidding, but that’s nothing compared to 28 NPCs on horseback.

Reddit user Ok-Establishment94 shared their extraordinary experience with the RPG game for all to see. In their video, they showed themself running around with a scarily large army of NPC characters.

The visual managed to one-up itself though once the player mounted a horse. At that moment, every single NPC suddenly spawned their own horse and the user had a fully-fledged army by their side. Commenters immediately harked back to the legendary The Lord of the Rings films, in particular, the formation of the fellowship.

“LOTR memes leaking across my Reddit,” said one user, and another added: “Lord of the Rings X Diablo crossover when?”

The reference with easily the most traction and love was for King Theodon. The top comment was a GIF of the aforementioned King as he screams “Ride now!

It should be noted that these NPCs are unlikely to do any actual damage for the player, but it’s still a great visual nonetheless. While some players have been amassing NPC armies, others have called for old-school classes to be added to the game.

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