Diablo 3 Echoing Nightmare tier list: Best characters & builds for Season 26 ranked

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Diablo 3 Season 26’s all-new limited-time mode, Echoing Nightmare, challenges players to endure wave after wave of hell’s finest; but which characters and builds are the best picks for this LTM? Here’s our tier list.

As we progress ever further into the war-torn world of Diablo 3’s Sanctuary, Season 26 has thrown open the gates of the Burning Hells once more in the form of Echoing Nightmare, a new limited-time game mode.

Tasked with surviving a hellish onslaught that features everything from Greater Rift Guardians to fallen Nephalem warriors, players will need to fight through waves of demons in a Call of Duty: Zombies-esque battle for survival.

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With the all-new Legendary gem, Whisper of Atonement, on the line, as well as bucketloads of XP, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for the fight of a lifetime; so here are the best characters and builds for Diablo 3’s Echoing Nightmare.


diablo 3 crusader and wizard fighting demons on a hillBlizzard Entertainment
Can you survive the hordes?

Best Diablo 3 characters for Echoing Nightmare

Of course, Echoing Nightmare is still in its infancy so the best characters may change as the season progresses. At the moment, however, there are some clear frontrunners.

Additionally, class viability depends on the different builds that you are running, but generally speaking the best characters for Echoing Nightmare are as follows:

  1. Demon Hunter
  2. Monk
  3. Crusader
  4. Barbarian
  5. Wizard
  6. Witch Doctor
  7. Necromancer

Of course, this is a limited-time game mode, and it’s all about having fun, so if you’re determined to play Witch Doctor or Necromancer; do it!

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Best Diablo 3 Echoing Nightmare: Builds & classes

Coming into Echoing Nightmare, the best builds and classes are still very much up in the air. As Season 26 continues to progress, we’ll ensure that this page is updated with all of the latest information.

Until then, though, here are the best builds for Diablo 3’s Echoing Nightmare.


If you’re looking to score yourself a level 150 Whisper of Atonement, you’ll want to run the following:

Character Build
Demon Hunter Marauder Sentry


As the game progresses, we’re sure to see the A-Tier thin out as players continue to explore the Echoing Nightmare, but for now these are our suggestions:

Character Build
Crusader AoV Fist of the Heavens
Demon Hunter N6M4 Cluster Arrow
Monk Inna Mystic Ally
Monk LOD Wave of Light
Monk Sunwuko Wave of Light


At the moment, these builds and classes rank in the B tier, meaning that they’re viable picks but unfortunately won’t be shredding through the hordes with ease:

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Character Build
Barbarian MotE Leapquake
Barbarian MotE Seismic Slam
Barbarian Raekor Boulder Toss
Barbarian Waste Whirldwind Rend
Crusader AoV Heaven’s Fury
Crusader LoN Bombardment
Demon Hunter GoD Hungering Arrow
Demon Hunter N6GoD4 Hungering Arrow
Demon Hunter UE Multishot
Witch Doctor Mundunugu Spirit Barrage
Wizard Typhon Hydra

So that’s our tier list for Diablo 3’s Echoing Nightmare, but be sure to check back to see which classes and builds rise to prominence as Season 26 progresses.

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