Diablo 3: How to find & defeat Izual

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Diablo isn’t the only big bad demon to hunt down in Diablo 3, there’s also Izual. Here’s where to find Izual and how to defeat him.

Izual is one of Diablo 3’s sub-bosses and like his master Diablo, puts up one hell of a fight when you confront him. But before you can defeat Izual, you’ll need to find him. Here’s Izual’s location in Diablo 3, and how to defeat him once the fight begins.

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Like the Butcher, the Skeleton King, and Diablo himself, Izual is a returning unique enemy in Diablo 3. The character also appeared as a sub-boss in Diablo 2 during the game’s fourth act. Izual is a fallen angel, corrupted by Diablo’s influence and forced to serve him in Hell. By the time the player finds Izual though, he’s had some upgrades since his D2 appearance.


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Where to find Izual in Diablo 3

Izual’s location in Diablo 3 is the Crystal Arch during Act 4 of the game’s campaign. You will arrive here after an impressive cut-scene in which Diablo invades Heaven and sets his minions to slaughtering the angels.

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This area is the heart of the High Heavens so you will need to fight through a significant portion of the map before finding Izual himself. Then, work your way through the Silver Spire location of Heaven until you reach the Crystal Arch.

We’d then recommend a quick visit to town to prepare for a grueling battle with Izual and his troops. Players would be wise to tool up and heal before this fight begins.

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Player battles IzualBlizzard
The player and Tyrael battle Izual.

How to defeat Izual in Diablo 3

The battle with Izual will only begin once the player enters the blue crystal-framed circle. A brief cut-scene will introduce the character before the fight begins properly, giving you a few brief moments to strategize.

Izual is bulky, but he moves deceptively quickly and spams Frost Nova as he does, so anti-cold buffs will come in handy. He’s replaced his sword from D2 with a giant mace, and will periodically summon minions to aid him against you.

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Aside from the standard Oppressors and Tongue Lashers that have invaded Heaven with Diablo, Izual will also summon Corrupted Angels to support him in combat. These are only dangerous if the player is surrounded, but most would do well to take care of the minions quickly, then focus all efforts on Izual himself.

Izual only uses three other moves after Frost Nova, so his patterns are easy to learn and prepare for. However, his Frozen Storm ability is particularly deadly to characters vulnerable to cold damage. He’ll mostly use his standard slash attack and a slower but more powerful version of this. Izual is resistant to most forms of damage but has the highest resistance to cold, therefore, engage him with anything other than this element.

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Izual freezes the playerBlizzard
Izual’s cold damage is deadly.

Other tips for defeating Izual

Players can make the battle with Izual easier by bringing a follower. The Templar, Kormac, is especially useful as his healing buffs help keep your party alive. Kormac can also hold his own against Izual up close. Other followers may fall quickly if they try to go toe-to-toe with the big brute.

Consider equipping the Ice Climbers set and Talisman of Aranoch to make defeating Izual easier. This gear provides a good amount of protection against his cold attacks.

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Once Izual is defeated, he’ll drop the Staff of Herding recipe which can be useful to caster builds. His lore entry will also unlock, allowing players to read more about the character’s backstory.

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