Diablo 3 Dawn bow: How to get Demon Hunter crossbow

Diablo 3 woman in a hood shoots enemy with crossbowsBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 3’s Dawn crossbow is the perfect addition to your Demon Hunter’s arsenal, so here’s how you can get your hands on it.

One of Diablo 3’s most popular classes is the mysterious Demon Hunter, whose thirst for vengeance against all things Hellish drives her into the fight for Sanctuary’s future.

With a build focused around ranged attacks, the crossbow has become their signature weapon of choice as it has more raw power than the normal bow.

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Enter Dawn, the title’s Legendary Demon Hunter specific crossbow that oozes with power. If you’re looking to snag one for your Hunter, here’s where to get Dawn in Diablo 3.


Diablo 3 woman in a hood wields two crossbowsBlizzard Entertainment
Diablo 3’s Demon Hunter has become one of the title’s fan favorite characters.

How to get Dawn in Diablo 3

As you can expect, clasping Dawn in your hands isn’t as easy as watching the sunrise. Instead, it involves a lot of grinding and sheer luck.

Importantly, in order for the item to drop your character must be above level 50. It also drops completely randomly from monsters or objects, gambling with Kadala once you hit 60, or as a random upgrade for another crossbow.

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In order to maximise your chances of getting it:

  • Gotta slay ’em all – Make sure you’re thorough when clearing dungeons, destroying all items and monsters along the way, and checking every corner.
  • Play Demon Hunter – The odds of this item dropping for another class are little higher than zero, so make sure you’re playing as a Demon Hunter.
  • Play with friends – If your friends are incredibly high level, you’ll get better loot drops playing with them. While it may not always be Dawn, you might find another weapon that’s just as special!
Diablo 3 man with long hair and glowing eyes stairs at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
The Demon Hunter strikes with Dawn, not at dawn.

Diablo 3 Dawn: Stats

While it’s all fair and good to set off on an adventure into the demon-infested wilds, it helps to know what you’ll be getting as a reward.

Dawn is a Legendary Crossbow, marking it as one of the most powerful in the game. It is also unique to the Demon Hunter and has an incredibly low chance to drop when playing as another class.

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Ominously described “calm pervades your soul as you are warmed by the morning’s first light, for you know vengeance will soon be yours,” the stats for the deadly weapon are below:

  • 457.6–514.4 Damage Per Second
    • (174–203)–(398–440) Damage
      • 1.60 Attacks per Second
  • +240–269 Dexterity
  • Reduce the cooldown of Vengeance by 50–65%.
  • +(132–161)–(158–200) Holy Damage
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

Additionally, if used correctly it can permanently charge your Vengeance level as long as you have around 36% cooldown reduction.

So that’s where to get Dawn in Diablo 3! Looking to lock Diablo back up in the soulstone where he belongs? Here’s our list of guides:
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