Diablo 2 Rite of Passage: How defeat the Ancients in Resurrected

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Diablo 2’s Rite of Passage quest forces your hero to take on The Ancients in order to finally come fact to face with Baal, the Lord of Destruction, so here’s everything you need to know to complete it in Resurrected. 

While Diablo may look like a simple dungeon crawler to us mere mortals, the twisting tale of Diablo 2 Resurrected is packed full of perplexing puzzles and fearsome foes to keep your hero of Sanctuary on edge.

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Whether it’s retrieving the Horadric Malus from the demon-infested monastery in Act I, or scouring the sands in search of Claw Viper Temple in Lut Gholein, casting the Lord of Terror back into the depths is no easy task.

The game‘s penultimate quest, Rite of Passage, is equally as gruelling as its predecessors, so here’s how to defeat the three Ancients in Diablo 2 Resurrected and, in turn, earn yourself the chance of taking on Baal himself.

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diablo 2 resurrected baal lord of destructionBlizzard Entertainment
In order to come face to face with destruction itself, you’ll need to take down The Ancients.

Diablo 2 Rite of Passage: How to activate it in Resurrected

In order to begin your Rite of Passage, you’ll need to have fought through the hordes and into the Lord of Destruction DLC. This begins during Act V.

Following the completion of the Betrayal of Harrogath, players can then set the Rite of Passage mission in action, but there are two different ways to activate it:

  • Go to Harrogath and speak to Qual-Kehk (the Mercenary captain.)
  • Head to The Ancient’s Way to start the quest automatically.
    • This is located past the Frozen Tundra.

The second option is possibly the easier of the two, as once you’re at The Ancient’s Way you can just continue through it until you get to the Arreat Summit. This is where your battle will begin once you interact with the Altar of the Heavens.

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diablo 2 resurrected arreat summit battle against the ancients for Rite of PassageBlizzard Entertainment
The Arreat Summit is the gateway to Baal’s lair.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Rite of Passage bosses, tips & tricks

Once you’re at the Arreat Summit, we suggest opening a portal back to town and filling up on mana and health potions – after all, you have three foes to face and they’re pretty deadly. Buy loads of them, return to the Summit and then drop them. Rinse and repeat a few times to make sure you’re all stocked up, then fully restock your belt.

Now, if you’re feeling brave, you can then activate the altar. This will spawn the three Ancients, who can be defeated using the methods below. Be aware that they are from the Barbarian class, so are powerful melee fighters.

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Boss Ability Counter
Madawc the Guardian Double Throw & Shout Take him down first, as he buffs the other two characters and can knock your character off track quickly.

Hide behind pillars to avoid his axes.

Korlick the Protector Leap Fell him second, as his ranged attacks will cause you chaos.

Hide behind pillars to avoid ranged attacks.

Talic the Defender Whirlwind Defeat this warrior third, as he is much easier to manage without his comrades.

You can also accidentally trap each Barbarian at a different corner of the summit, so make sure you kite them and pick them off one by one, making them more manageable.

Darting back and forth using town portals isn’t your best course of action in this circumstance, as each enemy’s heath will reset and they will be given different buffs each time you leave the area.

Diablo 2 Rite of Passage: Rewards

Rewards will only activate if the player is at least level 20 in Normal, level 40 in Nightmare, and level 60 in Hell, and are as follows:

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Level Reward (XP)
Normal 1,400,000 XP
Nightmare 20,000,000 XP
Hell 40,000,000 XP

You will then be able to access the Worldstone Keep, where you’ll fight the game’s final boss, Baal, Lord of Destruction.

So that’s how to complete Diablo 2’s Rite of Passage quest and, in turn, earn your spot against Baal in the arena. Looking to conquer Diablo’s minions and send them back to hell in style? Be sure to check out our guides:

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