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Where to find the Captive Cord in Destiny 2: Location guide

Published: 25/Aug/2021 19:16

by Nick Farrell


Destiny 2 is filled with incredible items for players to find throughout the world, and some of these items such as the Captive Cord are going to be key for completing certain quests within the game. 

Bungie recently revealed the upcoming Witch Queen expansion, which aims to be the largest within the game’s existence. Players are once again flocking to Destiny 2 to try and complete some quests in order to level up their character.

Some of these missions can be pesky while playing Destiny 2, as there are often multiple layers to them, tasking the player with finding certain items in specific locations.


One of these missions is the Essence of Failure, and it’ll require the player to find the Captive Cord, and we’re going to walk you through where you’ll be able to find this.

The new Witch Queen expansion is a long time coming for Destiny 2 players.

Where to find the Captive Cord in Destiny 2

1. Visit Lunar Battlegrounds

This quest as noted above is part of the Essence of Failure quest, and players will need to make their way over to the Lunar Battlegrounds sector first.

This location is just south of Sorrow’s Harbour, and you’ll notice a red bridge, which you’ll have to enter in order to proceed to Lunar’s Battleground.

2. Head to the Recon Station

Once here, you’ll have to continue along the path, until you make your way through a split between two mountains. Then, on the other side of this should be a building that resembles some sort of recon station.


captive cord location
The Captive Cord is found within this building!

3. Go to the top of the building

Once here, head to the top of the building, where your quest tracker is prompting you to go too. Then, you should see some text appear on your screen that reads “pick up weapon part,” this is where the Captive Cord is hidden, completing the quest.

The Essence of Failure quest has multiple parts to it, and these can be rather daunting for players. As there are numerous items you’ll need to find throughout, but with some patience, it should be a breeze!