Destiny 2 Into The Light: Every weapon in the Brave Arsenal

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Into The Light Brave arsenal

Destiny 2’s Into The Light is bringing back a heap of fan-favorite weapons in the form of the Brave Arsenal, here’s every weapon returning in the upcoming mini-expansion.

Destiny 2 has confirmed that Into The Light will be reissuing some of the community’s favorite weapons as part of the Brave Arsenal. These 12 iconic weapons will be up for grabs during the mini-expansion, as well as a limited edition variant for those who grab it early.

Here’s every weapon dropping with Destiny 2’s Into The Light.


Forbearance Destiny 2

Originally from the raid Vow of the Disciple, this Witch Queen grenade launcher was well-loved for its Chain Reaction and Ambitious Assassin Roll as a Waveframe grenade launcher. This made it perfect for clearing out any ADs in any activity you pull up for. Like all the other weapons on this list, Forbearance also had its perk pool updated.

  • Third Column: Unrelenting, Stats for All, Demolitionist, Ambitious Assassin, Surplus, Steady Hands, and Disruption Break.
  • Fourth Column: Wellspring, Golden Tricorn, One for All, Bait and Switch, Chain Reaction, Rampage, and Desperate Measures.


Succession in Destiny 2

Beyond Light’s raid Deep Stone Crypt saw Succession drop as a powerful sniper rifle with Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon. This combination of perks made it an instant favorite for killing majors and dealing hefty damage to bosses. Now this version of the weapon will be free to all players, even those who don’t own Beyond Light.

  • Third Column: Moving Target, No Distractions, Lead from Gold, Reconstruction, Firmly Planted, Demolitionist, and Discord.
  • Fourth Column: Snapshot Sights, Redirection, Recombination, Vorpal Weapon, Focused Fury, Firing Line, and Box Breathing.

Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine Destiny 2

Speaking of insane DPS weapons, Falling Guillotine will be making its return in Destiny 2. Originally issued in Season of Arrivals, the sword immediately became the strongest of its kind, warping the DPS meta completely. Now the weapon is back once more, with a rekindled perk pool to boot.

  • Third Column: Vorpal Weapon, Relentless Strikes, Repulsor Brace, Frenzy, Attrition Orbs, Chain Reaction, and Duelist’s Trance.
  • Fourth Column: Surrounded, Whirlwind Blade, Destabilizing Rounds, Eager Edge, Bait and Switch, Sword Logic, and Desperate Measures.

The Recluse

The Recluse in Destiny 2

If there’s any weapon that’s infamous in Destiny 2, it has to be the pinnacle PvP reward The Recluse. The Void SMG rewarded in Season of the Drifter immediately became the best weapon in both PvE and PvP. With its special Master of Arms perk, the weapon outputs immense levels of damage, and will hopefully do so again with a renewed perk pool.

  • Third Column: Feeding Frenzy, Enlightened Action, Subsistence, Threat Detector, Repulsor Brace, Hip-Fire Grip, and Dynamic Sway Reduction.
  • Fourth Column: Master of Arms, Target Lock, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Surrounded, Tap the Trigger, and Desperate Measures.

The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop Destiny 2

Similar to The Recluse, The Mountaintop was easily one of the best pinnacle rewards from the Crucible. The Grenade Launcher dealt tonnes of damage to anything it came across, and with a Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots, it instantly became the king of DPS in raids. With a bunch of new perks available on its side, it may return as a well-desired item once more.

  • Third Column: Ambitious Assassin, Impulse Amplifier, Demolitionist, Lead from Gold, Slickdraw, Auto-Loading Holster, and Overflow.
  • Fourth Column: Rampage, Vorpal Weapon, Adrenaline Junkie, One for All, Harmony, Recombination, and Frenzy.


Hammerhead in Destiny 2

Hammerhead was the first Legendary Machine Gun introduced into Destiny 2. Arriving in Season of the Forge, the Void LMG was immediately a favorite amongst the community. Since that time many LMGs have come and passed, but it’s time for the return of everyones favorite.

  • Third Column: Feeding Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Envious Assassin, Rampage, Fourth Time’s the Charm, Rewind Rounds, and Under-Over.
  • Fourth Column: Surrounded, High-Impact Reserves, Target Lock, Onslaught, Killing Tally, Desperate Measures, and Tap the Trigger.

Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace Destiny 2

Blast Furnace was another weapon players loved in Season of the Forge. The aggressive burst Pulse Rifle was a menace in PvP, quickly becoming a fantastic option for long-range, particularly when versing Hand Cannons and SMGs. Blast Furnace is returning with some fantastic PvP perks, meaning it may become another solid option once more.

  • Third Column: Zen Moment, Snapshot, Shoot to Loot, Keep Away, Perpetual Motion, Kinetic Tremors, and Headseeker.
  • Fourth Column: Kill Clip, Firefly, One for All, Frenzy, Rampage, Rapid Hit, and Desperate Measures.

Edge Transit

Edge Transit Destiny 2

Among all of the other weapons on this list, Destiny 2 players are definitely the most familiar with Edge Transit. While not quite as powerful as some of the heavy hitters here, the absurdly high drop rate of this Heavy Grenade Launcher made it a meme back in Forsaken. Fortunately, Bungie is buffing the weapon and its perks, which should leave it as a decent contender.

  • Third Column: Chain Reaction, Cascade Point, Impulse Amplifier, Field Prep, Autoloading Holster, Envious Assassin, and Repulsor Brace.
  • Fourth Column: Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Deconstruct, Adrenaline Junkie, Bait and Switch, Full Court, and Explosive Light.

Luna’s Howl

Luna's Howl in Destiny 2

Luna’s Howl was the strongest Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 for quite some time. The weapon could only be obtained through PvP but allowed the gun to two-tap Guardians thanks to its Magnificent Howl perk.

Bungie has slightly revamped this weapon, changing it from a 180 RPM to a 140 RPM, and also redesigned its perk, but it should still be a fantastic option for PvP Hand Cannon enjoyers.

  • Third Column: Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Discord, Encore, Slideshot, Enlightened Action, and Heal Clip.
  • Fourth Column: Magnificent Howl, Kill Clip, Incandescent, Desperate Measures, Opening Shot, Precision Instrument, and Harmony.

Midnight Coup

Midnight Coup in Destiny 2

Dropped from Calus in The Leviathan, Midnight Coup was one of the best weapons in Destiny 2’s first year. With its roll of Rampage Outlaw (this was before randomized rolls), it was an absolute must-have for anyone playing at the time. Both of these perks have fallen off since that time, so Bungie is updating them and giving them a new pool to work with.

  • Third Column: Outlaw, Firefly, Shoot to Loot, Explosive Payload, Moving Target, Attrition Orbs, and Enlightened Action.
  • Fourth Column: Rampage, Kinetic Tremors, Zen Moment, One for All, Frenzy, Opening Shot, and Desperate Measures.

Hung Jury SR4

Hung Jury SR4

One of the most well-known Scout Rifles, Hung Jury SR4 was introduced back in the original Destiny. With high demand to bring the weapon back, it eventually made a return in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer. And now here it is once more to celebrate the coming of the end with Into The Light.

  • Third Column: Rewind Rounds, Enlightened Action, Kinetic Tremors, Rapid Hit, Shoot to Loot, No Distractions, and Loose Change.
  • Fourth Column: One for All, Cascade Point, Box Breathing, Firefly, Precision Instrument, Desperate Measures, and Explosive Payload.

Elsie’s Rifle

Elsie's Rifle in Destiny 2

Often known as The Stranger’s Rifle when originally launched, this Pulse Rifle should be familiar to anyone who has played through the original Destiny campaign. Being the oldest weapon on the list, it returns as a top tier Void weapon, complete with PvE and PvP perks.

  • Third Column: Feeding Frenzy, Zen Moment, Repulsor Brace, Loose Change, Keep Away, Under-Over, and Rewind Rounds.
  • Fourth Column: Adrenaline Junkie, Frenzy, Destabilizing Rounds, Kill Clip, Desperado, Desperate Measures, and Headseeker.

When does the Brave Arsenal unlock?

You’ll be able to get The Recluse, Hung Jury SR4, Succession, Edge Transit, Elsie’s Rifle, and Falling Guillotine starting on April 9th. The remainder of these weapons will unlock one at a time each week until May 21st.

These weapons will continue to drop from the Onslaught game mode after The Final Shape, but the limited edition gold variants will be available up til June 3rd, so Guardians should hop in if they want that exclusive look.