Destiny 2’s best kill farm is back and it’s made Shuro Chi redundant

Kurt Perry
The area for a new kill farm in Destiny 2's The Whisper exotic mission

The return of The Whisper mission hasn’t just made the exotic sniper rifle craftable but also brought back the best kill farm in Destiny 2 letting you complete catalysts and Brave Arsenal attunement quests with ease.

For the longest time, Destiny 2 players have been using Shuro Chi to farm enemies, and while it’s effective there are numerous downsides to it. It requires constant Raid Banners, is only available to those who own Forsaken and can be a pain to get to in the first place.

However, a superior alternative is now live with the return of the Whisper of the Worm’s mission, The Whisper. In this mission, there is an area that constantly spawns Shadow Thralls that can be farmed over and over until the mission’s timer expires.

To reach this area simply proceed through the exotic mission as normal until you reach an opening with several spheres. If this is the correct location, you’ll hear a menacing voice say “You shall drift.”

Enter the hole at the top right of this room and once again the voice will speak this time warning you, “There is no light,” confirming you are in the correct area. Once in this area, drop down to the level below and begin farming Shadow Thralls.

Farming Shadow Thralls in Destiny 2.

Previously, Whisper farming was considered fine but far from meta due to the exotic mission’s time limit. When it was first released, players only had 20 minutes to clear it but in Into The Light that has been increased to a whopping 40 minutes.

Once familiar with the mission it’s easily possible to get to this location in just a few minutes. This allows for over 35 minutes of continuous farming and thanks to the Thrall’s generous ammo drops, this method is viable for primary, special, and heavy weapons alike.

Another big advantage of The Whisper farming is that it is entirely free to play. This means that anyone can utilize this method to complete exotic catalysts or Brave Arsenal attunement quests.

Even the recommended 1810 Power Level isn’t a concern for New Lights as free power upgrades can now be collected from a chest next to Lord Shaxx in Into The Light’s main hub, the Hall of Champions.

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