Destiny 2 Warlock mains rally to see “godforsaken” loincloths gone forever

Kurt Perry
Warlock Philomath Robes with Up for Grabs Shader applied in Destiny 2.

Warlock players have had enough, demanding that Bungie give them the cosmetics they deserve and stop adding loincloths to new armor in Destiny 2.

As much as Guardians like to rave about their Exotic weapons, god rolls, and high stat roll armor, it’s the cosmetics that really get people talking.

Cosmetics are such a big deal in Destiny 2 that every new Dungeon, Season, and Raid offers at least one new armor set for each class. When you take into account the Eververse store too it becomes obvious how important looking is for players.

In their pursuit of better fashion, Warlock mains are taking the fight to Bungie and pleading for the loincloth era to come to an end.

Warlock Armor set that was available from Destiny 2's Solstice of Heroes 2023 Summer event.
The new Solstice 2023 Warlock armor set has become the latest to feature a loincloth.

Destiny 2 Warlock players don’t want loincloths anymore

A passionate Destiny 2 player took to Reddit to voice their thoughts on the state of Warlock fashion. More specifically, why they don’t like loincloths, or “d*ck towels,” as they put it:

On the topic, they posted: “Every single time we get a new warlock chest, it’s always the same story. We see the top part of the armor, and it looks great! Cool shoulders, interesting chest, awesome collar. And the robes, they go down to a good length, equally well designed, a great addition that ties the gear together.”

OP continued: “And then… the d*ck towel. The c*ck cloth. The p*ssy padding. This godforsaken strip of cloth in the middle of the legs only seems to draw attention to itself. It is rarely adorned in any interesting way.”

After condemning loincloths and highlighting all of their perceived flaws, the post concludes: “As Warlocks, we need to strike. We need to unionize. Until d*ck towels are a thing of the past.”

The sentiment proved popular with one player responding: “Dude I agree. It’s bad enough that our fashion is so limiting already and those crotch cloths really don’t help at all.”

A passionate fan followed up replying: “I remember the olden days when every time a pair of Hunter boots would release they would seemingly always have those F**KING TOE SHOES. Down with toe shoes! Down with d*ck towels!”

Others took issues with the presentation of Destiny’s loincloths: “It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t always protrude out an extra couple of inches.”

This post was likely triggered by the upcoming Solstice of Heroes Summer event, which will introduce three armor sets and a new Strand Rocket Launcher.

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