Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Dungeon: Release date, start time, everything we know

Brad Norton
Destiny 2 Season of the Deep art

With Destiny 2 Season 21, now formally known as Season of the Deep, Bungie is introducing yet another new Dungeon. So from when it goes live to early details on what we can expect, here’s everything there is to know thus far.

When it comes to ultimate endgame activities in Destiny 2, nothing else quite compares to the thrill of a Raid. However, offering a smaller slice of that strategic, teamwork-dependent fun, are the game’s bite-sized Dungeons.

With Fireteams of three instead of six, and typically focusing on smaller areas with just one or two new mechanics, they often look to scratch the same itch, just in a different way. And after a number of fan favorites over the years, the next highly-anticipated Dungeon is now on its way.

Bubbling up to the surface in Season of the Deep is a mysterious new Dungeon set to challenge Guardians once again. But when does it go live and what can fans expect? While it’s still early days yet, here’s everything we know about the new Destiny 2 Dungeon.

Destiny 2 Hunter with Lightfall Exotic Armor
Another new Dungeon gives PVE fans a new endgame mystery to grind through.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Dungeon: Release date & start time

Destiny 2’s next Dungeon in Season of the Deep is set to go live at 10AM PT on Friday, May 26. As usual with new activities, the Dungeon will appear in the director right away, allowing Fireteams to load in and get cracking on the latest endgame challenges.

Do we know the Season 21 Dungeon Power level requirement yet?

An exact Power level requirement for the new Dungeon is not yet known. However, given Bungie has confirmed Season of the Deep won’t be increasing the Power cap, a first for Destiny 2, we can make an educated guess.

With the Soft Cap likely having been cleared by a vast majority of players many weeks ago, we could potentially see the new Dungeon set at the Powerful Cap of 1800. This would still provide room for new Pinnacle rewards, providing another new path to max Power.

destiny 2 root of nightmares
Root of Nightmares was the most recent raid introduced in Lightfall.

However, if Bungie is really looking to challenge players this time around, especially after a controversially simple Root of Nightmares Raid, then we could always see the new Dungeon set to the Pinnacle Cap of 1810.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the devs have in store as further details come to light over the next few days.

What to expect from Season of the Deep’s new Dungeon

As for what awaits in the newest Destiny 2 Dungeon, no one quite knows for certain just yet. With even the name itself still being kept under wraps, Bungie is keeping cards close to their chest for the time being.

From a location to an enemy type in focus, nothing has yet been revealed on Season of the Deep’s new endgame activity. Though that’s not to say we’re going in completely blind.

Based on a brief few seconds of footage revealed in the first Season of the Deep teaser, we could be looking at the setting of the new Dungeon. “Deputy Commander Sloane has returned. Something big is lurking in the depths,” Bungie teased in the accompanying blog.

While there’s always a chance this part of the narrative could be tied to new seasonal missions, with three Guardians involved in the early glimpse, it could just as likely be our first look at an underwater-themed Dungeon.

Rest assured, we’ll be sure to update you here with all the latest as new details emerge in the coming weeks.