Destiny 2 The Final Shape: How to get the ERGO SUM

Shane Black
Destiny 2: The Final Shape characters

Destiny 2 is getting more than just more story missions in The Final Shape, as players can look forward to new activities, rewards, and Exotics to unlock, including the ERGO SUM Sword.

This brand-new weapon goes hand-in-hand with the new Transcendence mechanic, becoming stronger as you defeat enemies it.

To learn how you can get this powerful, new tool in your inventory, we have the guidelines so that you can get ERGO SUM in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

How to get ERGO SUM

Destiny 2 ERGO SUM

To unlock the ERGO SUM, you are going to need to complete the Destined Heroes Exotic quest in The Final Shape.

This mission will only unlock after you have completed all main missions of the expansion, after which you can speak with your Ghost at the old Tower in The Lost City. This will let you acquire the quest and begin.

Destined Heroes is a lengthy mission, but one that is straightforward. There is little confusion as to what you need to do during its events, and you will follow the following objectives and steps:

  • Listen to the strange radio transmission coming from the old Tower in the Lost City. It’s using a Hive frequency
  • Investigate the activity of Savathȗn’s Lucent Hive near the portal
  • Speak to Micah-10 through her conduit in the Arbor of Light
  • Talk to Cayde-6 in the Lost City
  • Ghost has something he wants to talk to you about. Go to the ledge of the old Tower in the Lost City to speak with him
  • Talk to Ghost to begin the quests Lost in the Light and Found in the Dark. Work with your allies to explore the possibility of synergy between Light and Darkness
  • Investigate spikes in Taken energy in the Refraction
  • Go to the Lost City and confer with Ghost
  • Use the Dyadic Prism to access the new landing zone in the Sacrarium and claim your destiny

When you have brought Destined Heroes to an end, ERGO SUM will be added to your arsenal for you to use.

What does ERGO SUM do?

The Final Shape introduces a new mechanic called Transcendence, which, once charged up, will allow you to enter into a more powerful state for a brief duration of time. ERGO SUM is a perfect companion to this, as the sword becomes more powerful when used while you are in that state.

It will also increase the duration of your Transcendence when you get a kill, meaning you can lengthen this state indefinitely.

However, it also comes with a powerful uppercut alternate attack that will launch enemies into the air above you, sending out a powerful shockwave with its usual attacks.

Additionally, it can be randomly rolled, which means that when unlocking it, it will come with randomly set stats and abilities. You can keep rerolling ERGO SUM by unlocking it every week.

How to get the ERGO SUM catalyst

Grabbing the catalyst for ERGO SUM requires you to complete the 12-man mission Excision on Grandmaster difficulty. This is no easy task, and you’ll need to have 11 other Guardians or use an LFG since there isn’t any matchmaking for it.

Taking down the Witness in the Grandmaster difficulty will net you the catalyst, unlocking it for all future drops as well.

ERGO SUM catalyst changes

The ERGO SUM catalyst grants you ammo to that weapon when you deal damage with a Transcendent grenade. This is fantastic for keeping up with DPS as it can proc multiple times from a single grenade, allowing you to keep slashing away.

This also works well for the weapon, as ERGO SUM’s exotic perk means it collects less ammo, which makes the ammo gained from the catalyst even more valuable. Final blows also increase your Light and Dark mastery, letting you hit Transcendence more frequently so you can refill ERGO SUM’s ammo.

This is just one new Exotic that you can get in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, so be sure to check out how to unlock weapons like Microcosm and Still Hunt.

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