Destiny 2 introduces 12-man Grandmaster for the first time ever

Liam Ho
Destiny 2 Excision Encounter image

Destiny 2’s all-new 12-man mission Excision is receiving a Grandmaster difficulty, making it the first ever in the franchise’s history.

The Final Shape has been a huge hit for Destiny 2. Facing off against the Witness for the ultimate battle, Guardians have not only encountered them in the story but also in the raid and the final Excision mission.

Excision was a unique mission, as it was the first-ever 12-man activity introduced to the looter shooter. Being the final mission in the campaign, the activity saw the Guardians harness the power of Light to disrupt the Witness and take them down, once and for all.

But it seems the Witness isn’t done quite yet, as Bungie is bringing a new difficulty to the mode in the form of Grandmaster Excision. This will massively increase the difficulty of the encounter, truly making the Witness live up to their heralded strength.

The mode itself will be released on June 18, 2024, giving Guardians a little bit of time to brace themselves for the challenge. This Grandmaster version should be similar to the regular difficulty of Excision, except the difficulty will be cranked up to a 10.

All enemies will be way tougher, Guardians will be far weaker and the Witness will be sure to one-shot anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in their attacks.

However, Bungie promises that the reward for this grueling undertaking will be well worth it; “It’s going to be very hard, but the reward for completing it will be totally worth it.”

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to complete Excision on normal difficulty first before being able to participate in the Grandmaster, so make sure to run it and familiarize yourself before jumping in.

This news also comes alongside the announcement that Excision will stay as an activity, allowing any Guardians to replay it to relive the end of the Witness once more.

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